Why isn’t the button responding??
Have you ever tried to turn your TV on then found that the button was not working?
In such a case there seems to be some kind of short circuit that prevents the button from operating the TV.

Thankfully Living without TV for few days wouldn’t be a big problem but what if one of your own buttons was not working?? What If you were trying to listen to motivating music to gain some energy but you find that whatever effort you put you remain down and unmotivated?

One of the facts that we all know about music is that the song can motivate a person might not do anything for one another and that’s quite logical but what about songs that used to motivate you before and that just don’t work anymore!!

The answer to all of these mysteries lies in the psychology of music and the resonance concept.

Resonance is the key
People respond and become affect the most by external influences that matches their belief system. You are now friends with your close friend because something was common about you both the first few times you met.

The same goes for music, when the music you listen to matches your belief system and current mood you are most likely to get affected by it while if a match didn’t happen then music might not have any effect on you.

Try to listen to a motivating song while you are a little motivated and you will find that you got a big boost. Now try to listen to the same song while you are depressed or feeling helpless and you will find that it doesn’t have the same effect.

In the first case the music coming from the external world matched your internal world and that’s why it multiplied your emotions while in the second case your mind found that external inputs contradicting with the internal inputs and that’s why no effect was felt.

Subconscious mind programming
Beliefs are no more than statements that were repeated many times without finding any resistance from the subconscious mind. If a child was told that he is not intelligent or was called “dumb” by his teacher many times he will grow up believing that he is really dumb unless he questions her judgment.

The most dangerous things about the songs that we listen too is that we never question the words and phrases of the song because of liking the singer or the music and that’s why songs are one of the main sources of formation of limiting beliefs.

For example, lots of people suffer after breakups because of the programming they got from romantic songs. Lots of these songs support the belief that only one person in this world is your soul mate and that’s people suffer when they lose the one whom they believe to be the soul mate.

The below are some of the most famous lines that prevented lots of people from recovering quickly right after a breakup, they are taken from the song “My immortal”

I am so tired of being here
What the subconscious mind receives: (Message: I am really feeling bad)
Because your presence still lingers here and it won’t leave me alone
What the subconscious mind receives: (Message: I will never be able to forget about you)
These wounds won’t seem to heal; this pain is just too real
What the subconscious mind receives: (Message: this pain will never go away because it’s too real)
There is just too much that time cannot erase
What the subconscious mind receives: (Whatever happens I will never be able to forget about you because of all of these good memories we had together)
I have tried so hard to tell myself that you are gone but though you are still with me
What the subconscious mind receives: (I have already tried, but I failed, I will never be able to help myself, In summary: there is no hope, I will suffer, I will feel pain, you will never come back and I will stay broken forever)
Beware of the songs you listen to because they program your mind with new beliefs that might prevent you from living a happy life.

Music preference and personality
People listen to whatever resonates with their moods. Based on this fact we can make some conclusions about music preferences and personality like:

• If you listen to rock ,alternative or metal most of the time then you might be rebellious or carrying extra amounts of anger
• If you always listen to romantic songs then you are either in love or you miss love in your life
• If you listen to techno then you are extroverted, energetic and optimistic.

Even though the previous conclusions are general cases that might have exceptions still they perfectly explains the concept of resonance and the relationship between music and one’s own mood and personality.

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