Once you master the dream language, you understand that all dream images have a very important symbolic meaning. This is like knowing a foreign language. You’ll be able to understand the symbolic unconscious language which is formed from images instead of words.

The unconscious mind is a teacher who speaks with images and scenes. Its messages belong to the logic of sanctity. It doesn’t follow the logic of selfishness, like the logic of our ignorant conscience.

The unconscious mind has a divine origin, while we have a satanic origin, since the biggest part of our brain is totally absurd and evil. We are basically very absurd primates. We possess a tiny human conscience which is under-developed and makes many mistakes. However, we cannot recognize our own absurdity because we are idiotic.

This is really a tragic truth. However, now that we have discovered it, we can finally transform our personalities and get rid of the craziness we have inherited in the biggest part of our brain. The unconscious mind provides us with free psychotherapy in the dream images. We only have to understand the symbolic dream language in order to have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind.

Therefore, by learning the dream language you acquire a very powerful tool. The knowledge you have access to surpasses the knowledge of the limited scientific knowledge of our day. The unconscious mind will transform you into a wise human being after eliminating your violent tendencies.

Dreams work giving you information everyday. You may see the sunlight in a dream. This is an indication that you are finally seeing the entire truth as it is. The sunlight represents the real truth, and not the camouflaged and false truth of our hypocritical society.

You may dream about your past and see a series of dreams that will explain the origin of a negative behavior that still characterizes your personality. You’ll then finally stop repeating the same mistakes.

You’ll understand that all human beings make many mistakes in their lives. You’ll be very lucky for being guided by the wise unconscious mind. You’ll become wise, and never make mistakes in your life. You’ll do only what will be positive for you and your community.

The unconscious mind shows you what will happen in the future in order to prepare you to face what you don’t expect to find. You won’t be surprised by unexpected situations in your life, without knowing what to do. Many dream predictions will provide you with psychotherapy, so that you may transform your personality. Dream predictions will also help you transform your reality.

When you’ll be able to evaluate how wonderful it is to be able to understand the unconscious language, you will verify that this is a very powerful force. Your dreams are real treasures.

The information and the guidance you have in dream messages will forewarn you about potential threats to your happiness before it happens. You’ll be able to avoid all problems and complications in your daily life without ever losing your peace of mind.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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