The pull we face is our daily fight between wanting to do right & the temptation of wrong that is available to us. In the world that we live in currently there is a constant convenience available to sin. In fact it is such a convenience of sin available, it’s a wonder anyone can simply do right at this point. This is where it then becomes a choice of whether or not you want what God has promised you in this life as well as the life thereafter to make whatever adjustments necessary in your life that will allow you to have more of him and less of myself.

There are several places in the bible that Jesus himself teaches of sacrifice. Several verse’s in particular as well in the Book of Matthew where Jesus is speaking to the disciples in parables. Jesus is then telling the disciples of the cost that is required to be a follower of him. When we look at the current situations around us ,as well as the decisions we make in the moment. We must begin to understand that our decision is not a moment decision, but instead it’s a eternal decision.

It’s so much vital instructions, in this one book alone that by making it a reading requirement will be of great benefit to you and I . I typically list verses in all my blogs , instead today I will challenge all of my readers to go look up verses in the Book of Matthew in the bible, that talks about the sacrifices as well as expectations in our Christian walk. It is God’s desire for us to become active Christian’s by migrating away from being lazy spoon fed Christians. We should seek daily to equip ourselves with knowledge of his word every day.

The Book of Eli is a wonderful movie with actor Denzel Washington. During the movie his character memorizes the entire bible, in order to incorporate the knowledge, he held mentally to the new world, that was now being created after the old world ,he had lived in was destroyed.

The character Denzel Washington played, was called by God to protect the word of God, by any means possible. During the movie his character done just that, and believe it or not we should be doing the exact same thing! Our goal in life should not only be to seek more of God, as well as becoming a living translation of what is in the Bible through our actions.

This is the reason why it takes patience, love, as well as self control, to do that which often seems impossible to us at the time. The only way to draw the type of power it take to successfully complete this race is to depend on God. There is really no other way. Try if you like, but I can assure you from my own personal trials and test that the only way is to pursue a sincere change in this life is in him.

We can do what is right, because we want to go to heaven , or do what is right out of guilt and obligation, or even do what is right for immediate earthly reward or gain. Instead we must come to a place in our spiritual walk, where we are doing what is right because we love Jesus.

So here is a question to ponder on. How do you love someone you can’t see? We struggle with loving those around us, let’s be honest and admit our faults. This is the pulp of a change, that gets down to the center of the distress that is inside most of us.

When we love what we see, it becomes a faith walk to pursue the relationship with Jesus we can’t see! So many Christians are living in denial at this point of the truth, those expectations that are clearly outlined in the word provided by God to us as a manual of guidance to overcome the enemy of this world that desires to pull God’s chosen one’s

I love you! Jesus loves you and yes he does care!

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I currently reside in Nashville, TN , I am however originally a Native of the Great State of Texas. I love to write,as well as encourage others, especially women, that have endured not so great childhoods, these are also women that have experienced all sorts of addictions, as well as women that currently deal with fear & anxiety, as well as depression,& past bad relationships of some sort of abusive situation. Due to the past pain and hurt it’s no surprise that many women may find themselves, simply wondering sometimes, whether or not God really does exist through all of the issues we face in life as women. I can assure you, he does, and yes JESUS is indeed alive!