The purpose of life is to live it. To be immersed in that which we call “experience” to such a degree that we may know what it is that we truly want. And because we are the furthest most ripple of that which we call source or god, when we reach out eagerly and without fear for that newer and richer experience, we carry source with us into that new place. And thus… the inevitable byproduct of life in the physical dimension is the evolution of all that is. The answer could end there. But like all things that become true knowing, this larger, more free and unanimous purpose must be accessed through the process of yielding to one’s own, personal life purpose. And it is this purpose which I will talk about today.
The first step to finding meaningful purpose in every aspect of your life is to open the door to the aspect of you which chose into this life in the first place; your eternal, essential, non physical self. To many of you who are reading this today, who are unintentionally cut off from your awareness of this side of yourself, this sounds like a tall order. But it is really as easy as this… Be brave enough to acknowledge and accept what it is that you feel truly passionate about. What it is that makes you feel happy. The reason your emotions exist in the first place is to show you whether you are aligned with your non physical (soul) self or not. Your soul self vibrates energetically at the same level as the attainment of your every desire. It vibrates at the level of your joy. So when you are feeling joy, it is because you have found resonance with that aspect of your self. This is important for one very profound reason and that reason is that when you are resonating with your higher self (and therefore your own joy), you are an energetic match to every condition that matches your happiness to unfold before you. Every opportunity, person, event, circumstance and thing which supports happiness in your life will show up for you when you have the courage to follow how you feel as your only compass directing you through your life.
Your purpose with respect to what you are meant to be “doing” here in this life will literally fall in your lap when you commit to living life at the mercy of your own joy. You will follow your feelings of passion and joy, doing nothing more than taking the next logical step until one day you will find that you are doing something which is so integral to who you are that you will say “aha, this is my purpose here”. You will feel a sense of destiny in this activity because while you are doing this thing which is allowing all that is you to be present in this life, it will not take effort for you to do. We have been taught that there is virtue in effort. This is not the case. The vibrational definition of effort is struggle. It is this sense of struggle that is your indication that you are currently going cross current to the direction that your soul self is trying to lead you. If you are doing this thing which you call your purpose, while it may take some form of exertion and dedication, you will feel joy in that exertion and dedication which will thereby disqualify the action from being called a struggle. The hours you spend doing it will instead feel like minutes. You will not want to be anywhere other than where you are.
It is understandable that by the time you are hearing this message many of you have reached a point where you are not currently living a life which makes you feel a deep sense of purpose. This is because it is so common that when we are born it is such a fight in modern society to maintain our own direction, we instead choose to adopt external values, opinions and advice from other people around us. We do this for one primary reason… we hold the illusion that happiness, worth, security, love, care and direction comes from others when it can only ever come from our true selves. By the time we are adults, most of us have become so accustomed to the effort it takes to live according to someone else’s values and directions, it feels normal. In other words though it does not feel good, it feels normal to have lost touch with our very selves. When you have lost touch with your true self, your purpose is lost to you as well. And so we must be willing to take a risk. We must be willing to take the risk of change and the risk of placing value on our joy. If we take this risk, we are committing to the willingness for our entire life and our entire direction to change. We are committing to our direction changing perhaps several times over the course of our lives. Only with this commitment is it possible to be truly happy and express your purpose.

You see, we make a mistake when we are searching for our life purpose… We look for what we are supposed to do or have in this world when our purpose comes in the form of what we are supposed to give to this world. It is only through the giving of this gift that we can ever receive. It is only through the giving of this gift what we can allow our true self to come through us and express it’s self into this world. This expression was the purpose of life in the first place. To disallow this, is to suffer and to feel as if we are lost and not living up to our own potential. Giving this gift should not feel as if you are loosing anything. It should instead feel as if you are gaining more from life than ever before. And so, the question we should be asking ourselves every day is “what am I meant to give in this life?” and “what is trying to come through me and express it’s self today?”.

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