Sometimes finding the right hypnotist or NLP practitioner to work with can be a challenge.

While I was having breakfast this morning, I was thinking a bit about the different talents and life experiences of people who are drawn into any field or career not just the field of hypnotherapy or NLP.

There are those who take a career path because they "decide" while others take a career path because they are "called."

I was personally drawn to learn hypnosis and NLP because I had a number of frustrating blocks and self sabotaging patterns that seemed to forever keep me from being able to share my songs with other people. It was some form of performance anxiety or stage fright that just shut me down.

I could write them. In fact writing songs seems to be as natural to me as breathing. A lot of times it feels as if my songs write themselves. It's not something I even feel like I have a choice to do. But performing them? Marketing them? Getting gigs? Dealing with all the hardships and setbacks and rejections? Being on the road for months?

Just like any person trying perennially to lose weight, I would start out with all good intentions but usually my will power was not enough to force myself to do all the things I found repugnant about making music as a living....

So when I learned hypnosis and it's sibling NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) it was not to become a practitioner but to help myself get my music out in the big wide world where it could be heard by more than my living room walls.

Along the way I found I enjoyed helping people and tailoring my hypnosis trance inductions to their individual needs and situations. For me the hypnosis work comes from the same place as the songs, it's creative and healing for me as well as for my clients. The more people I help the more I grow and help myself as well. It's a classic win/win.

I would definitely say it is a "calling" but it's slightly less of a calling to me than my music is.

That was 10 years ago. And each year since I've been an NLP practitioner / hypnotherapist, I've made more and more progress with my music. It's a thrill to see so many things just falling in to place...

But that's my story. I only share that with you so that I could share the stories of two hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners who I've gotten to know in the last 3 or 4 years who really personify a practitioner who is "called."

When my music career gains altitude to the level that interferes with my practice, these are the two people who I would refer all my clients to without hesitation.

The first is Joann Dunsing, she practices hypnosis and NLP in Milford, CT which is in the Greater New Haven Connecticut area along the CT shoreline of Long Island Sound.

The second is William Wood who is the founder of Northern Utah Hypnosis Center in Ogden, Utah.

These two amazing practitioners are similar only in their passion for hypnosis. They didn't learn hypnosis in order to do something else. They learned hypnosis in order to truly step in to their life's purpose.

In the time I've known her, Joann has gone through massive personal and financial challenges (as so many of us have in the last few years with the economic climate etc.) She has emerged a deeper, more committed practitioner than perhaps even she imagined she would be when she first began studying hypnosis.

I remember Joann sharing a case study with me of a client of hers who came to her with severe heights phobia and anxiety to the point where she couldn't even go to the second floor of her home. After a single session with Joann, this woman was able to climb stairs and look out windows on upper floors without a problem. Joann was literally thrilled and ecstatic that she had been able to support such a positive change.

And that's just one of hundreds of stories of people like you and me being helped by Joann Dunsing. Joann still has as much enthusiasm (if not more) for her clients changes and improvements as she did when she was first beginning.

The second awesome practitioner of hypnosis and NLP who personifies some one who is "Called" to his work is William Wood.

Will is somebody who in my estimation was born to be a hypnotherapist. He lives and breathes it. He is as professional as any doctor or lawyer who truly loves his calling.

That's an important distinction because there are a lot of good doctors and lawyers out there who are competent but not passionate about their work. Will is passionate. He lives and breathes hypnosis and NLP.

I had the privilege or training Will in NLP on both the practitioner and master practitioner levels. And he has gone on to take many, many other NLP trainings. He's studied hypnosis with some of the best, hypnosis trainers on the planet. And his results show.

In fact Will recently shared a new technique with me which helped me to clear an old childhood trigger that was as we say, “up for healing.”

So the point of this article is: when you choose to work with a hypnotherapist, one question that most prospective clients never ask is not, “What are your qualifications” “What is your training” “What is your success rate.” They always seem to ask those questions...

The key question to ask is, "Why do you practice hypnosis / NLP?" or "What caused you to want to do this work in the first place?"

In ten years of practice, I don't think a single client has ever asked that.

Both Joann Dunsing and William Wood would answer: “This is what I was born to do.”

Who would you rather work with? Someone who is a good practitioner of hypnosis or NLP?

Or someone who recognizes that their life's purpose is to help you?

Personally I want to work with a hypnotist who is passionate about their work and is continually learning more and more because they love it and want to share the power and possibility of transformation with you so you can improve your life.

On the East coast? Give Joann Dunsing a call. 203-907-7710 or visit her website

In the West? Give William Wood a call: 888-479-4421
or visit his website:

Author's Bio: 

Mark Shepard, NLPT is Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis. He has developed an internationally recognized program to help people “Stop Anxiety Without Harmful Drugs or Endless Talk Therapy” He is also a "Compulsive Songwriter" with over half a million views on Youtube.