Marketing is an enterprise that has been dominant over the last couple of years to promote a company on the global commercial enterprise. Being associated with the field involves cut throat competitive spirits and determination along with swanky degrees to prove ones worth. Conventional marketing jobs are not designed for average individuals. In fact they only mentor the talented ones with bulky degrees. Unconventional marketing strategies like multilevel marketing have taken the edge off the conventional ones and promoted their enterprise in a fashion that is closely related to a direct association with the public. Direct selling is one of the tactics adopted to make sales more public friendly while networking depends on the power of the spoken word to promote the company. The fusion of effective mechanisms and simple techniques makes the MLM enterprise a very successful business propaganda. Before the Questnet Complaint created havoc in the in the commercial platform, the enterprise was well renowned for its policies and business plan.

The Questnet Complaint symbolised the MLM enterprise in bad light by camouflaging the truth with lies and rumours. Before this flooded the internet, the MLM enterprise tailored its tactics to benefit the average public. The MLM enterprise utilised direct selling that involved one on one transaction between the buyer and seller. The member was given a set of products that were to be sold to potential clients in order to earn a considerable amount of money as commission. Networking, on the other hand, utilised the mouth to mouth spread of information to promote the companies’ name on a public platform. The unconventionality of the system is was set it apart and made its structural arrangement unique. The enterprise incurred growth at personalized levels as well as in the overall aspect as well. With series of characteristics working towards the benefit of the public, this enterprise became an overall phenomenon worldwide.

The questnet complaint issued created a little setback for the enterprise. People tended to be hesitant as the speculations of fraudulent mechanisms surfaced along the internet and the media. The negativity hindered the normal functioning of the system. Investigations were initiated to uncover the true facts about the company as opposed to the false representation of facts. The evidence showed that the MLM companies were victims of the rivalry showed by certain other companies and disgruntled members of the enterprise. The series of speculations curbed as truth began to resurface. People became aware that the rumours were baseless and irrelevant.

The MLM companies managed to come through triumphant in spite of the Questnet Complaint incident. The flawless system and procedures paved a way out of the mess. The accusations subsided and the truth held ground ultimately. The MLM companies started reviving its policies and functioning once the controversy subsided. The marketing field is prone to occasional highs and lows but the companies that battle and emerge victorious are the true representatives of a strong enterprise. The MLM enterprise has proved that it fosters development and growth on both individual levels as well as all around.

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