Most times you'll find the fastest path to success is to learn from failure! There is a saying 'fail your way to success' that possesses much truth and the point here is there are lessons to be learned from our set backs! In fact our own failure to learn from mistakes will only push us that much further from becoming successful at what we're attempting to accomplish!

Here are 3 valuable lessons each setback we encounter can teach thus placing us that much closer to becoming successful in our pursuits!

What NOT to Do!

Retrospect is a great teacher but does us little good when working in the 'present' except for alerting us as to what does NOT work! There is no better teacher than experience but the teachings that are available to us must be recognized for them to serve a purpose! For anybody who breathes air, mistakes are inevitable, but when we learn from failure, trying times such as these can be of benefit!

Personal Strengths

Identifying your personal strengths plays a vital role in your efforts to become successful! Knowing what you do best helps you make better use of your time thereby increasing your productivity. Just as important is that being productive keeps you in the right frame of mind and motivated to continue making further progress! This progress builds momentum which of course leads to greater output moving you closer to what it is you're wanting to achieve or accomplish! It only stands to reason that if you're good at something you'll enjoy doing it and be more compelled to continue doing so!

Personal Weaknesses

Simply stated this teaches us what we need to either work on or possibly even avoid since you don't have to be 'perfect' at everything to succeed! Knowing your weaknesses allows you to minimize mistakes and just as importantly the frustrations that typically accompany them as well! These areas can and should be address over time since your failure to learn new things will only hinder your personal development!

The reality is that every path to success is littered with setbacks and it is up to the individual to identify the lessons being taught! The fact is that when we learn from failure it actually places us that much closer to becoming successful! The discussion above points out 3 very valuable lessons any mistakes we may commit can teach us! Taking these lessons and applying them in our future efforts is what serves to enable anybody to inch that much closer to the success they seek! It is only when we demonstrate a failure to learn do these setbacks become truly a waste of both our time and energy!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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