Even though it is always fun to enjoy a special date out on the town with your sweetie pie, most nice restaurants are extremely busy and outrageously expensive on Valentine’s Day. Rather than dealing with traffic, parking, long waits and overpriced menus; stay home for a romantic dinner you both will cherish forever more. With a little preparation and creativity, you can put together a fabulous Valentine’s feast that will far exceed what any restaurant could ever offer.

Be sure to include some of his favorite comfort foods and also introduce some innovative cuisine for this special occasion. Steamed oysters are a known aphrodisiac and a fun appetizer to share. Also steamed asparagus with drizzled hollandaise sauce is another delicious and easy side dish to prepare that is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Find some sexy reddish-colored foods to incorporate into your meal such as tomatoes, red peppers, pomegranate, cranberries, etc. And of course you’ll want to serve a super fabulous dessert like chocolate-dipped strawberries or red velvet cake. A chocolate fondue is always fun as you can dip various treats into the pot and feed one another. Or you can even dip body parts into the warm melted chocolate and lick it off each other { ; p

Presentation is everything! Be sure to prepare for your romantic dinner well in advance, so you have very little to do at the last minute and can enjoy the dinner with your significant other. If you have children, you might want to plan a late dinner or find an outside sitter for the evening. If possible, set up a small table in a different area of the house to recreate a cozy romantic atmosphere. If you have a fireplace, you might want to consider setting your table up in front of a blazing fire for added ambiance. Pull out the best china, crystal and silverware, and your finest tablecloth preferably in a dark red or rose color.

Candles and flowers are a must. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they evoke pleasurable aromas and peaceful romantic thoughts. Do not use highly-scented flowers or candles, though. You don’t want to cover up the inviting aromas of your homemade meal. Dim the lights and put on soothing background music. Dress up in something really sexy – for his eyes only. Make sure the answering machine is on and in silent mode, and be sure the wine or champagne is chilled and ready to pop! And, by all means, leave the dishes for another day.

If preparing the entire meal by yourself is too challenging for you, why not invite your loved one into the kitchen to cook with you? It can be an especially sensual experience to create a meal together. There are many cookbooks on foods of love designed to make cooking together an intimate experience in and of itself. And if it is not possible to find a sitter for the children, then set them up in the other room with some heart-shaped pizzas, an art project or a movie so thier parents can still enjoy some ‘alone time’ together. Put the kids to bed early and take your after party into the bedroom behind locked doors. Whether it is for Valentine’s or another special occasion, choosing to create romantic dinners at home will nourish your bodies, as well as your relationship.

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