Have you ever wondered how important that little voice inside is? The one that seems to give great guidance and insights...when we listen. Sure, there is the voice that tells us things are terrible. The one that creates doubt, fear, indecision and uncertainty. It seems lots of people are choosing to listen to this voice. I call it the ugly voice. The voice I am referring to is the quiet voice. The one when we listen to gives us the insights we absolutely benefit from. It is often so quiet we don't hear. That is until we get very still, very quiet ourselves. Now is a perfect time to listen During these amazingly fluctuating times it would be very beneficial for you to take time to really get connected with this voice which is actually intuition. In talking with my colleagues who are thriving during these changing times, virtually all of them say they are tapping into their intuition. Yet, the message can be so subtle many people who are floundering discount the insights they are being given. They move in the space of listening to the chatter in their head rather than the still quiet voice that comes by way of their heart and spirit. Decisions based on intuition Recently I began a course at the International Spiritual Center of Eugene. The course is based on the book, The Power of Decisions. The course addresses how to make beneficial decisions based on acting on intuitive thoughts. What an incredible experience I am having. Although I have been on my spiritual awakening for over 30 years, I am finding the course material is creating a space of focus that is opening up some amazing opportunities. Permit me to explain. With so much "noise" right now through the media, conversations people have on a daily basis about what is wrong with the world rather than what is right and the incredible fear many people invite as their daily companion, I find when I take time to get really quiet and "listen" I am literally guided in right action. Paying attention My choice is to pay attention or ignore. With as much evidence as I have gained over the years regarding the power of this quiet voice is I would be foolish not to pay attention. Intuition is something that can be tapped into for any area of our lives. Business is no exception to this. Again, many of the people thriving during these uncertain times are tapping into this source.

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