Along with real estate land in all its forms. The appearance of land includeland such as trees, water, and permanently attached items that include fences, buildings, and among others. The term Real Estate is directly related to the ground. It is used extensively in the context of retailing, office, manufacturing, housing, agriculture, worship, homes and among others. We were able to include all activities related to the property under the Real Estate. Purposeof the people involved in real estate sector to add value to the land bydeveloping it or increasing regularity here. The trick is to further enhance the value of any given property. Since the age of the Real Estate sector is however exist in the recent few years in the Real Estate industry in India and has witnessed a boom across. It is grown as a second largest employer. In its income near U.S. $ 12 billion, it aims to grow further the estimate of up to 30% per year.

The statistics above provesthat the Real Estate sector is emerging as an important source of income in the economy now in India and across. The Real Estate sector has provided jobs not only in the field of Real Estate but also in various other fields like, developers, constructors, architects, designers, landscapers, engineers, market researchers, the financial analysts, construction workers, sales and leasing personnel, and other fields aligned or work close to the real estate sector. It proves Real Estate sector as a boon to the economy providing jobs to different people who specialize in related fields. However strong the Real Estate sector which has been proved from the above data, it has its own flaw. The Real Estate sector proves to be sensitive to any changes in the economy in India or. The slightest fluctuation, you can either create or hazels wonders for this sector.

This is because the simple fact that the complete transaction of the property directly depends on ordinary people also affected by changes in the economy of a country. In spite of the flaw mentioned the fact remains that the Real Estate sector is the second largest growing sectors in Indian economy. Purposes of this strongly expanding ground by developing a variety of office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, or homes in any particular area. While talking to job opportunities in Real Estate sector is given the opportunity and the primary responsibility remained with real estate consultants and real estate agents. They aim to provide a complete solution to investors and new clients in the field of Real Estate. Increasing development in the field of Real Estate and different constructions in the end-result of the Real Estate sector is to provide well constructed space for sale and rent, complete transactions affecting the property. So Real Estate sector proves a boom not only people but also the economy of the country.

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