Everybody talks to themselves, whether it be quietly to themselves or mentally in their own head. If you could see the words that somebody who is successfully is saying to themselves and somebody who is not successful, you would easily be able to see the difference between the two. Self doubts, negative thoughts, low confidence are all reflected in a person self-talk.

It is kind of like s self-fulfilling prophecy, when your doing well, your self-talk is automatically positive, when you are not being successful the opposite is true. When you know you are struggling for success then you need to literally talk yourself out of it. Instead of letting yourself have negative self-talk you need to consciously pay attention to it and change it to be positive.

Let’s take a look at how this would look in real life. Mary is currently in debt and wants to get more money. Her current self talk at the moment includes phrases such as:
‘I need to get out of debt’, ‘Where did all this debt come from’, How am I going to pay the bills?’, ‘I can’t seem to get enough money’. All of these phrases focus very much on the debt and lack of money.

Someone who is positive and knows how to use the law of attraction will gradually change these phrases. It is difficult to suddenly try to kid yourself that you are a millionaire but if you gradually change them over a period of time then it can work wonders.

First you might simply use phrases that involve gratitude to stop the rot such as: ‘I’m glad I have a job, lots of people don’t right now’, ‘I’m fortunate to have a regular income’, ‘I’m thankful that I have a secure home to live in’, ‘I know that there are higher income opportunities out there’.

In this way we are not making any silly statements, they are all believable and you can accept them. Wht you need to continue to do is to continue to improve on those, the pace of change in these is very much up to you and your circumstances. You might be able to do this all in one day or it might take month or to to talk yourself around.

The final, ideal statements that you need to build up to would look something like this: ‘I’m happy now money flows to me quickly and easily’, ‘making money is easy’, I see new money making opportunities all the time’ and ‘I’m so thankful for my high level of income’.

As you can see this easy approach to changing your self-talk is straight forward and realistic. It is believable and will change your attitude and approach to life. Whatever area of your life you would like to improve, why not give it a go!

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