Living with pain can really impact your life. Normal, everyday activities can seem impossible, and over-the-counter pain-relievers only seem to offer a temporary fix.

But new research has discovered what’s making your pain even worse. There is one significant factor standing between you and your ability to live a pain-free life. In fact, no matter how many remedies you try, if you have high levels of this one thing, you don’t stand a fighting chance to withstand pain.

How stress is affecting your pain

We all know that stress takes a toll on our bodies, both mentally and physically, but researchers at Tel Aviv University have now revealed how stress and physical pain are linked together.

Participants in the study underwent the Montreal Imaging Stress Task (MIST), which is a computer program which induces psychological stress. The test works by having participants answer a series of questions where they are told that the average person scores between 80 to 90 percent. In truth, the participant cannot score over 45 percent, therefore causing them unnecessary stress.
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