Do you have trouble with your self esteem? Do you feel that you lack that inner confidence that you really need to be the kind of person you want to be? While many people seem to think that self confidence and self esteem are things we are born with, the reality is that its something that you need to create. Its an attitude that you need to cultivate and for the most part its something that you already have - its just a case of finding it within yourself.

Self esteem is nothing else but the way you feel about yourself. Its the "esteem" that you hold for yourself and regardless of your life, its something that you and only you are responsible for. You may have had people in your life telling you that you are worthless or maybe you even had some things happen to you that made you feel unworthy but the truth is that you are as worthy and deserving of anything in life as anybody else.

Realize that you are a unique and special person and you don;t need to do anything to proof that to anyone. There is no one like you and embracing all of who you are is the start of embracing a high self esteem. Affirm is to yourself as often as possible. You can use this affirmation:

"I am unique and special and I am worthy and deserving of everything I want in life."

There is a very close connection between self confidence and self esteem and when you are confident you usually feel good about yourself. One of the quickest and easiest ways to build self esteem is to make yourself do difficult things. If you always take the safe and easy way in life you will never get that sense of accomplishment. When you "get up" and make yourself do something that is hard you will get that sense of achievement and accomplishment. It will make you feel like you can do it and you will start to change your perception of yourself.

Most people take the easy way and avoid all the things that seem hard. They don't want to push themselves out of the fear of failure. It's this fear of failure that keeps them from building self esteem.

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