One of the most important topics discussed in recent years in the field of neuroscience explores the mind-body relationship and the fact (yes, it is a fact) that much of our best “thinking” does not occur in the traditional rational left brain-centered approach. This more thorough scientific understanding supports the historical concept of the importance of intuition and holistic intelligence have on our lives.

The next time you have a tough decision to make, especially something that you have “thought about” over and over again one of the best things that you can do is (as New Yorkers like to say) fuhgettaboutit!

Instead of grinding the gears, shift your focus towards something fun and something that is non-linear. Research has shown that a nonlinear pattern, (for example taking a jog through a meandering path as compared to running up and down your street) helped people to resolve the questions that they had difficulty getting resolved. They opened up new paths and new solutions.

The shift doesn't even have to include even this effort of going on a jog. Do you work in an office building? Take the elevator to a different floor, walk through the hallways, walk up the stairway, go down to the lobby, go through a revolving door, or use any combination of nonlinear movement. As you clear the “mind chatter” you will be in a much better state to make any kind of judgment call that has been on your mind. Although this seems incredibly simple, this shift is one of the important changes that you can make to make better decisions.

My wife and I spend an incredible amount of time writing our books, blog posts, articles, and talks in addition to consulting with clients about their very complex issues. When we get stuck-we say we need a “change of pace” and we take a ride, take the dogs outside, play a quick game of ping pong or do something to shift out of our left brain thinking to access other possibilities. This is known as “thinking outside the box.” One of our clients recently mentioned to us they cannot believe how prolific we are with our writing and the attention that we give to our clients. They're right-we are prolific because we play! You can be too!

Start by opening to the idea of new solutions and continue to take care of your health, rest, & nutrition- the core of nurturing your body. When you start from this place, you are moving towards the path of better decisions and better decisions lead to more abundance in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Don Nenninger is a coach, consultant, author and television co-host who has received an advanced degree in psychology (Psy.M.). He works with clients worldwide to help them "get out of their own way" and move toward a life that represents the best of their dreams.

Using the tools of consciousness, mindfulness and awareness- you too can learn to follow your inner truth to follow the path that is right for you. He is the author of The 5 Laws of Conscious Living and co-creator, with his wife Nicle of the Parents as Coaches:The Family Transformation Program