Odds are if you really want to lose belly fat you also need to lose weight in other places as well. To me, belly fat is the most embarrassing and unsightly fat you can have. What happens when you put your favorite jeans on? Your belly fat gets pushed up and spills over the top of the jeans. This is called muffin top. How cute, right? Wrong!

There could be any number of reasons that you have failed to lose the weight you have around your middle but the main reason is probably too many bad carbs. You could also have a problem with your thyroid or maybe take a medication that has weight gain as a side effect, or if you are of menopause age then your hormones could be getting in the way.

Despite the claims of many diets that say they can burn away fat off your belly, you have to exercise to lose stomach fat. And that’s even an inaccurate statement. Because exercise won’t target stomach fat. It will only tighten stomach muscles to make your belly look smaller.

Let’s face it, a flat, firm stomach is consider as a sure sign of sex appeal. However, medical research has also shown that getting rid of abdominal fat is a strong indication of a longer, healthier life.

See, even though you are probably well aware that carrying too much fat on your body isn’t good for you, where you carry it has an effect on your health. Those who have the most fat in their abdomen have increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and other conditions than those who have extra fat in their thighs, hips and buttock.

Many people try to get a flat stomach without understanding the fundamental to losing weight, which is taking regular exercise. Losing weight not only involves eating the right foods but also getting out and being active. It can be a simple 20 minute jog everyday or just a quick cycle down to your local park. Whatever you do make sure there is regularity to it. There is no point in going for a run today and not doing one again for the next 4 weeks. I hate to say it but that is being lazy and dare I say 'naughty'.

The foods that are popular for abdominal weight loss are probably awesome, natural, and helpful so I WOULD say that they can be helpful and beneficial, but don't use them as the last trick in the book and your only method to get to your goal.

Sit ups are also great but that is for developing the abdominal muscular wall and has nothing to do with slimming your waist line. If you've tried a gimmick that worked, the fact is that you were doing additional exercise which is burning more calories than you were previously burning and then you're probably eating better than you were as well. That's not to take away your results, that only to demystify weight loss and flat bellies.

As long as we can understand the basics of the process of getting to the flat belly it will make your entire journey more "do-able", less frustrating, and more effective. The goal is to make your weight loss as simple as possible with the least amount of pain, right? All we have to do is expose these truths and put a minimal amount of effort in and you're well on your way!

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