The primary function of an outside catering firm is to provide you with food, drinks, set up, tear down and associated services to handle the needs of your event as they relate to the food and beverage portion. When it comes to an outdoor venue or event, making sure to choose a catering form with specific knowledge and experience in working outside will help ensure your event is a success.

Outside catering is slightly different compared to an indoor event, as the availability of electrical outlets, refrigerators and food preparation appliances is not typically available. For companies accustomed to offering catering services in such a setting, the firm will have a process and methodology in how the food and beverages are to be handled. Though you may need to weak your menu, highly skilled outside catering companies will have the ways and means to produce high level results even without the comforts and luxuries found indoors.

The food portion of catering, which is perhaps the biggest cost and draw for such services, is going to be based upon your event and the types of foods you wish to have served to your guests. Outside catering can use the outdoors to your advantage if you opt for a cookout or barbeque theme, as grills can be brought in and used for food preparation. This idea works well when you are hosting a casual and informal affair.

If you are seeking a more traditional style meal, and are hosting your event outdoors, you will need to discuss viable options with the catering company. It is possible, through the use of propane fuelled heating trays, portable generators and candle heated warming trays to have just about any food desired available for outdoor affairs. You will however probably be advised to steer clear of fried foods or items which do not hold up well to being slowly and continually kept warm over low flames. A good caterer will guide you in the right direction in regards to alternate food choices suitable for servicing outdoors.

The beverage portion of your event is also handled by the catering company, with both non-alcoholic and full bar service being made available should you so choose to have such offerings. if you opt for bar service, you will need to verify with the catering company that your outdoor space has enough room for the firm to properly operate a bar area.

The use of space wisely is also an issue which you need to address and discuss with the catering company you choose. A well respected caterer will walk the grounds with you and provide guidance on how to best arrange the space for maximum efficiency and convenience. In addition, you will also need to discuss the delivery, set up and removal of all catering related items prior to, during and after the event. For example, if your area is located far from a main roadway, you will need to discuss how the food and beverages will be carried to the area. When instances like this occur, you may be charged for additional expenses such as the rental of golf carts or rolling service carts to transport items.

The final decision on which catering firm you select should be based on the meetings had with all potential companies, reviewing reviews of all firms and seeking input from friends and family along with reading through customer reviews. When handled properly, the right catering company can make your outdoor event a complete success.

More information on finding and choosing a good catering form can be found through the National Association of Catering Executives or through the International Caterers Association

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