Sleep is the natural process through which the body and mind relieve the exertion and stress. Sleep revitalizes the body and mind, so that they can perform their best. Lack of sleep makes a person under perform and it's generally bad for health. A primary reason for the lack of sleep is the ignorance about its importance.

The factors that decide the sleep duration There are many factors that affect the need of sleep such as the level of activity during the day, which determines the level recovery the body needs. The primary factor is the genetic makeup of an individual. The doctors prescribe an average sleep of 7 to 9 hours for a normal adult, but the sleep requirement varies from individual to individual. There could be a number of reasons for the lack of sleep and nowadays, a majority of people are suffering from lower sleep levels.

Caffeine and sleep
A cup of innocent looking coffee is one of the major reasons of sleep deprivation. In fact, the caffeine consumed throughout the day affects the sleep cycle. The excess caffeine will negatively affect the sleep quality preventing the recovery of the body.

As per a Harvard study, caffeine blocks adenosine, that natural agent responsible for inducing sleep, it also causes you to wake up frequently during the night. The body needs about 4 to 7 hours to flush out the caffeine.

Body pains and sleep
When you are suffering from some kind of pain such as a headache or back pain, you will take a long time to sleep. Out of, every 10 individuals suffering from chronic body pain about 7 individuals also suffer from sleep deprivation.

The pain in the head, back or a problem with jaw muscles that causes pain are primary causes of sleep deprivation. Getting the muscles relaxed either by a hot shower or by keeping a heating pad while sleeping may help in restoring the sleep cycle else you should visit a doctor to treat the pain.

Comfort and sleep
The type of the mattress you are using is another big factor that affects your sleep. A comfortable mattress that's suitable for your body type and any special condition like the back pain will help improve your sleep quality. The surface you sleep is an important component of your sleep.

If it's extra hard or soft, it may be a cause of uncomfortable sleep. You can choose the best mattress suitable to your need from They have a collection of all types of mattresses as well as a collection of discount deals for your convenience.
The temperature of your bedroom, when you are trying to sleep contributes to the quality of sleep you get. The temperature needs to be optimum, neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature 60 F - 67 F is best for an ideal sleep. Apart from these physical aspects, stress is an important cause of sleep loss. You can counter it by reading a book before you sleep or by meditation.

A few things you should remember to get a good night's sleep are

• Avoid keeping a mobile close to you or hold in your hands while you sleep.
• Avoid sweets late at night since they are responsible for fluctuations in blood sugar levels hence disturb your sleep cycle.
• Try to keep your hands and feet warm.
• Don't ignore if you are sleeping less. Contrary to the popular belief that a body gets used to lower sleeping hours, a body requires optimum sleep to perform normally.

An optimum amount of sleep is a necessity for the normal functioning of your brain and body. Lack of sleep is a cause of irritability and lack of focus etc. that makes you take longer to perform a task that you can actually perform in less time. Make your schedule as per your sleep requirement and not on the basis of the other requirements like work. Sleep is fundamental to your performance and productivity.

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