There are many natural flooring products in the market, which have replaced the conventional flooring options of the past. Nowadays, it is laminate flooring that is being suggested by industry professionals to most homeowners. Laminate is a durable flooring option which lasts for many years. The thickness of the laminate flooring is the main determinant for the quality and toughness of the laminate.

1) Durability and thickness:

It is in millimeters that the thickness of the laminate flooring is measured. It is measured from the bottom surface which rests o the subfloor, and ends at the top edge. The thickness determines the durability of the laminate flooring so thick laminate flooring is more preferred by homeowners.

The thickness of laminate planks is measured in millimeters. The measurement starts from the bottom surface resting on the subfloor and stops at the top edge. Experts on flooring materials believe that the durability of a laminate product is exclusively dependent on thickness. The inference is that a thicker product is necessarily stronger than a laminate product that is much thinner. There are two types of laminate flooring, HPL, and DPL. High pressure laminate id HPL and usually has more layers which makes it more durable. DPL is direct pressure laminate flooring has four layers as opposed to the five layers of HPL laminate flooring, making the HPL flooring products more durable and tough.

2) The advantages of thicker laminate:

When exposed to water or excess moisture, thick laminate flooring is less prone to change shape or warp, hence making it more advantageous option. Thicker laminate flooring also can endure forces, which on thinner materials might damage the flooring. The ideal measurement is 12-mm, as the material is definitely high quality in that case. You really get good value for your money if the quality of embossing is outstanding as well.

3) Easy installation:

Thick laminate flooring is preferred for another reason, which is easy installation. It is possible for homeowner to install the flooring himself if he wants to do so. Laminate can provide elegance to any room of your house because it is in many ways Similar in style and appearance to hardwood floors, without the difficult and expensive installation often linked with wood floors. Since its thickness can also help with noise reduction, it is suggested that homeowners go for the 12-mm version. This kind of thick laminate flooring can make any room in your home look elegant and posh. Modern laminates nowadays comes with a click lock design which makes it all the more easy to install and it an easy task to put in 300 square feet of laminate in a single weekend.

4) Easy maintenance:

The layer of the laminate that is walked upon is called the upper layer, and the thicker the laminate, the more immune it is to dent, scratches, and other kinds of wear and tear. As a homeowner you can be rest assured that thick laminate flooring will remain free of any serious damage till at least ten years from the date of installation. It is also easy to clean and does not require expensive polishing for maintaining its looks the way hardwood floors require. A mild detergent and water is enough to clean it. An added advantage is that it is stain resistant which is half the battle won.
Compared to wood floors, laminate floors are a blessing when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as wood floors stain rather easily and are difficult to clean up.

5) No problem with faulty pieces:

There are instances where hardwood flooring had to be thrown out because of fault in the pieces, and it was too much of a hassle to reshape or remodel it. The only option was to get rid of the faulty piece altogether. Thick laminate flooring is devoid of these defects and flaws which are an integral part of natural hardwood which comes with natural blemishes, flaws, and defects.

In conclusion, it can be said that thick laminate flooring because of its many advantages is finding more and more usage for residences as well as for commercial spaces. Interior decorators and architects are suggesting to install laminate flooring of 12 mm thickness as it is durable, cost effective, easy to maintain and clean, easy to order, and easy to install.

Author's Bio: 

The author of this article is Jeo Nash, who has been in the home decoration and interior business for that past decade and have widespread awareness about thick laminate flooring installation advantages.