The reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery, a much sought after procedure in the U.S, are many and varied. In the present era, when more and more importance is being attached to an attractive body and youthful appearance for both men and women, cosmetic procedures such as this help a good deal. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should never go for the procedure because your boyfriend, husband or loved one pressurized you to do so. Only do it if you as a person want it and truly feel it could benefit you.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed using breast implants – either saline or silicone. Your plastic surgeon would customize the procedure to suit your individual requirements and expectations. The implant may be introduced through any of three incision locations – around the areola, through the armpit or underneath the breast.

Breast Enhancement– Why Women Opt for It

  • To Look More Feminine – Not all women develop big and full breasts. There are women who have small or underdeveloped breasts and who feel that an increase in breast size would make them look more feminine.
  • As Part of Reconstruction Following a Mastectomy – Women who underwent a mastectomy may feel unhappy over the loss of their breast(s). As such, augmentation done as part of a reconstruction procedure would help them feel like a complete woman again.
  • To Restore Lost Volume – Another common reason to go for the surgery is to restore breast volume lost as a consequence of pregnancy or weight loss. Breast augmentation surgery can be done as part of a mommy makeover that may also include a breast lift, liposuction, buttock lift and abdominoplasty.
  • To Correct Asymmetry – For women who have asymmetrical breasts, enhancement of one breast may help to correct the problem.
  • To Fit/Look Better in Clothes – A problem which many women face is that they cannot find a bra that fits them correctly. They also experience trouble getting figure-flattering and appealing clothes that fit them suitably. Increasing the size of the breasts would help resolve this problem.
  • To Look Younger – Aging-related changes can cause change of shape or reduction in size of the breasts. Restoring the breast size of the woman’s younger days would naturally make her look and feel younger.
  • To Overcome Self-consciousness – Some women with small breasts feel
    self-conscious when they wear swim suits or figure enhancing clothes. Having the plastic surgery done would boost their self-esteem and confidence so they feel less self-conscious in public settings.
  • To Improve Proportions – The majority of women have an idea of an ideal image which they would like to have but not everyone develops the ideal body they imagine. Breast implants would improve the bust line for enhanced attractiveness.

With the excellent aesthetic results it offers, breast augmentation surgery is likely to continue being popular for years to come.

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Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure performed to increase the size of the female breast. An experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas, Dr Sean Boutros and Dr Jason Hall performs breast enlargement surgery via a variety of techniques.