The recession is now over two years old and I met a friend in the radio station who was then running a restaurant. He is also a Music Hall buff and he entertained his restaurant guests across the alley from the restaurant in a small Music Hall.

Barry Britten, my friend,had a thriving business until the recession when lots of British tourists decided not to come to Benidorm. Eventually, decisions had to be made to close the restaurant.

I asked Barry if he had anyone he blames for the recession.
We looked at the restaurant in its heyday and then started the comparisons of years gone by and how the cabaret world, upon which Benidorm was built, has changed.

Barry has had to try and rebuild his life as so many of us have had to do over the recent years. He has spent some time broadcasting but the radio world has also changed reflecting a cost over content mentality anywhere.

We returned to the restaurant theme and discover how and why Barry started his restaurant when his entertaining skills are so strong.We also got into a discussion where you can see Barry doesn't find the town as attractive because of his experiences in the working environment.

The future would seem to be in presenting shows along the costas but the reality is of a long, hard struggle over the recession years. The podcast might give an insight as to how people on the Costa Blanca in Spain are coping with the recession.

Author's Bio: 

Vince is a chat show host and podcaster with a background in broadcasting and teaching. Barry is a very well-respected actor and entertainer and has been a restauranteur. Benidorm is a premier tourist resort in Spain which is very popular with the Spanish but, it can be claimed, has been built on the strength of the British tourist numbers.