Stress and sex are linked in so many ways. We all are well aware of this fact and feel it unmistakably when a stressful week or days zaps us of our sex drive. Although stress can lead to low libido, it can also act as a great stress reliever. Ever wondered how much truth there is to the idea that - healthy sex life is equivalent to a stress-free life? Below are a few points that will help get better understanding of stress and sex and how one affects the other.

Good sex leading to a good mood

A study was done by Arizona State University on 58 middle-aged women and found that physical affection or sexual behaviour led to decrease in negative thoughts and less stress, and a more positive mindset the following day. To be precise, researchers found that sex and intimacy led to women feeling less stressed and be in a better mood the next day.

Good mood leading to good sex

The same study also found that when we are already in a good mood it would lead to more physical affection and sex the day after. So, what this means is that sex-stress management works both ways, it can lead to us feeling less stressed, and being less stressed can lead to more sex. Plus, when in the right mood experiment with new things and use manforce condoms, they have the best stamina condoms.

Sex and Blood Pressure

Another study was conducted where participant’s blood pressure was examined as a measure of their stress responses during solving problems (math questions) or public speaking- a situation that creates stress in the mind. After the study was done, it was found that people who recently indulged in sexual activity had lower baseline blood pressures, less of a blood pressure rise during stressful events, or both.

Sex and Stress Response

Another study was done along the same lines where it looked at women’s heart rate and cortisol level as a measure of the stress response and found out women too showcased less of a stress response after ‘positive physical contact’. Whereas, emotional support alone didn’t have the same effect.

In the end, it is always better to communicate and figure out why your partner is feeling the way they are. Ignoring the problems will only to more anger, more stress, and sometimes even permanent loss of intimacy.

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