Men get attracted to women who have a low waist to hip ratio. The optimum waist to hip ratio that was found to be most attractive for men is 0.8.
The good news I have for women here is that many men can sacrifice facial attractiveness for a good looking body. While its very hard to change physical looks body shape can be changed with a certain workout routine and a good discipline.
Put in mind that the waist to hip ratio has nothing to do with body weight. The way men judge body way was found out to be culturally influenced. In the earlier days heavy women were found to be more attractive to men. This can be easily guessed from early status and poems that idolized heavy women.
In general it was found that heavy women were found to be more attractive in cultures where food is scarce. The weight of the woman in such a case is an indicator of her wealth and social status.
Women on the other hand get attracted to men with v-shaped bodies. Broad shoulders and a narrow waist both contribute to the v shaped torso of a man that attracts women.
Even though women put less weight to physical looks it was found that that they prefer men with v shaped bodies provided that all other factors are constant. It was also found that women prefer muscular men but not the ones who are overly muscular.
Women are biologically wired to feel the need for security and protection that’s why any cue that can send an indirect message to the subconscious mind of a women to make her feel secure will attract her to men.
Physical Height and attraction
Most women prefer to date taller men. Again this happens because physically height unconsciously targets the need for security most women have.
Studies have shown that taller men get more dates and even earn more money throughout their lives.
The good news I have for shorter men is that if you make the woman feel secure by targeting any of the other domains she gets attracted to then you won’t have worry much about your height.
Dominance, strong personality, courage, wealth, self confidence and ambition are all things that can compensate for the physical height of a man.
Men on the other hand prefer to date women who are shorter than them. This gives the man the unconscious feeling that he is control. Most men will be intimated by taller women and some of them may prefer not to approach them.
Studies have also shown that men prefer women who have longer lower body or in other words longer legs. Again each item in the attraction puzzle has a slight impact on the overall attractiveness of a person but when they are all put together they greatly impact the attractiveness of a person.
One study has found that women prefer taller men and not tall men. This is good news for shorter men because even if a man was not tall compared to his friends he will still have a good chance If was taller than the woman he is targeting.

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