As a kid, we all had one favorite toy whether it’s a doll, train or teddy bear. This favorite one joined us in our imagination and games we played. But the time has changed and so, it’s obvious the toys are changed too. However, kids end up picking that special toy called teddy bear.

It’s one of the favorite toys for kids whether it’s for us or our kids or our grandchildren in the future. WHY? Plenty of reasons and science behind this fact, we will discuss in this post.

Do you know that nearly 50% of American adults have their teddy bears?

It’s been 20 or more years, can you imagine that? You might have your own favorite teddy bear in your closet or somewhere else; you can easily see it or cuddle it.

In America, people still cuddle their teddy bears when they feel the loneliness that defines the importance and relationship between a person and non-living object - Teddy Bear.

The Science Behind the Relationship

For a baby and mother, separation is unavoidable in modern society. Generally, mothers do not get adequate paid leaves for maternity; they need to return for work before they wish. Even those mother who stays at home face separation at one point, be it preschool, babysitter or daycare.

Most people consider these moments of separation as a transition.


Science says children who have an interactive transitional object like a teddy bear or other stuffed animal with face, handle such separation moments easily. This transitional object reminds a baby of his/her mother and feels comfortable with it. Throughout infancy, a mother cares for her baby, feed her and a child is holding a teddy bear or other soft toy. The baby will begin to associate it by cuddling and playing with it.

In short, a teddy bear is becoming a part (or a medium) of mother & child relationship. A baby feels comfortable when a mother is not around. It feels us sad but makes sense: scientist found that kids treasured their toys (here a teddy bear) as much as kids treasured their lovely mothers. When a parent is not around; it’s possible for a kid to cling to a teddy bear for comfort and consistency. It doesn’t mean that a child doesn’t want or feel a mother’s love. An infant needs an object that is ‘hers’ when a mother is away from her.

For Mother, Teddy Bear is a magician

You can consider it as magical stuff. It can build confidence, reduce stress, social life development & heal the loneliness. The magical stuffed animal helps a kid handle anxiety, fear, separation and other unknown things. In nutshell, a teddy bear can improve the self-confidence in a child.

Since infancy, a teddy bear becomes a part of a child’s life and collects smells of mother, father, pets, siblings, etc. You can’t imagine the power of soft fur. Research says that it has been a proven therapeutic tool. When a baby rubs it with skin, she feels immediate comfort, shooting & calming. Parents search for a way to aid their kid feel sensory needs. A teddy bear can be a beautiful bridge between a parent and child relationship.

Let me clear that a teddy bear isn’t meant to replace a mother & that will not be possible ever. However, according to science, a child can feel satisfaction from rubbing, playing, holding & getting extreme comfort from a toy when she isn’t around. Isn’t it a magical thing for a baby?

Many trauma centers, social workers & psychologies reveal that a teddy bear can help sexually abused kids & young trauma victims to overcome such harsh situations. A comfort from holding a stuffed animal or teddy bear can embolden a positive environment in which a child will feel safe rather than scared, hurt or lost. Suck trauma victim kids need comfort constantly of holding & rubbing own bear.

Teddy Bear, Technology and 21st Century

As we all are living in the 21st century -a technology era, every product we see is made using a particular technology. So, why kids’ toys left behind? Today, plenty of styles, design and electronics toys especially teddy bears available in the market. Recently, a modern style teddy bear was introduced in the market with a unique feature - recorded music. Yes, it’s true. Recordable teddy bears are available online and offline as per your requirements. You can customize it by fur, music, costume and more.

Till now, a baby can only interact with it by touching and seeing it but now she can listen to. When a button is pressed; recorded music will start playing that can grab the attention of the kid and fill up a mother’s absence. Yes, you can record your voice and set into a teddy bear. Few toy companies customize it very well & called as a baby heartbeat bear. However, they charge extra but worth for your lovely child.

Teddy Bear & Psychology

Cuddling or holding a teddy bear evokes security, comfort & peace. According to psychology, it is human nature to desire for feeling from babyhood to adult life. You know that loneliness can cause mental illness and puts a person at risk for physical disease. Nobody wants to be felt lonely in the world. Even an adult person who get shocked due to break-up, dissatisfaction in a job, failure in exam and death of beloved ones feel comfort when cuddling a teddy bear. It makes you feel like there is someone who is with you in every situation.

Just imagine an adult can feel safe while cuddling a stuffed animal, the level of comfort when a kid holds it in her arm.


According to science, a teddy bear can serve a kid multiple ways to feel safe, confident and comfortable. If you are a parent with an infant, you must buy a teddy bear for your kids as a transition object. Let your kid settle with it like allow him/her to bring at grandmom’s home, preschool or daycare.

Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love - Unknown

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