What does stress have to do with the enormous problems we are dealing with related to COVID-19 Corona virus? There are many connections. I will discuss a few here.

1). We are being constantly bombarded with news coverage about the problem. This alone can increase worrying and anxiety. It is important to watch enough news to stay informed about the fast-moving problem, rules and regulations and things you can do to protect and help yourself and your family. It has been suggested that we watch just enough for those purposes and then turn the news off. Listen to some music. Watch a funny show or movie. Catch up on some reading. Watching the news all day will most likely only make you feel worse.

2). Not all of the people exposed to the Corona virus become sick. Some people might never know that they were infected because of the lack of symptoms. Why is that? If we only knew how many things that could potentially make us sick, we have been exposed to, we would be amazed. Our immune system is constantly fighting off enemies without our conscious knowledge. It may be that those who have stronger immune systems are less likely to develop symptoms and become ill. One of the things that can reduce the effectiveness of our immune system is stress. Have you ever noticed that you “catch a cold” much more often when you are stressed or emotionally upset? The immune system, like many other systems in the body does not function as well when you are under stress.

3). Due to government regulations most businesses that are not considered essential have been forced to scale way back or close. Some people are sick and can’t go to work even if they are considered essential. Many businesses that are still open have less customers than usual. People are getting laid off and small business owners are struggling to pay their expenses let alone take a salary. Most people have a high level of financial insecurity due to reduced or halted income. This is producing a high level of financial stress. Many people are wondering how they are going to pay their bills without their income.

4). Schools are closed. Children are home with their parents. Husbands and wives are home with each other much more of the day than usual. In many cases it is much easier to get along with people if you spend less time with them. When you suddenly have to spend more time with the same people it can be stressful.

This is a time when it is very important to practice stress management. Practice progressive muscle relaxation and slow deep breathing. Go for walks while practicing social distancing. Listen to your favorite music. Use a relaxation app. Use a home biofeedback device. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Use some of your usual commute time to get some extra sleep. Your body and mind could use it and it can help to reduce your stress level and perhaps boost your immune system to fight against this COVID-19 virus.

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