Do you often find yourself endowed with the task of writing a RFP process for your company? With a little practice and attention to details of using the right words and format, this task can be carried out very easily and will cease being a tiresome one for you.

To bag any good project or to expand your business, it is very essential that you pay attention to even the details and make sure that your proposals are framed and executed immaculately. You might often tend to miss out on important information that must be included in the proposals which may lead to it being rejected. Therefore, while framing an RFP process, keep the following things in mind to be included.

  • Project Overview Briefly
  • What your Organization is about
  • Goals and Target Audience in mind
  • Sitemap and Information Architecture
  • Reach of Work
  • The sequence of activities to be carried out
  • Principal Point of Contact (PPC)
  • Technical Requisites
  • Budget
  • Retainer
  • Web Hosting
  • Analytics Software
  • Examples of Web Designs
  • Selection Criteria
  • Timeline of Format and Proposal

Although the writing styles of formal letters and especially business proposals have changed over the years making them more modern, there are some elements that have been retained and are specifically preferred to be included in your proposals. An ideal business proposal is different from the regular ones which get rejected in the sense that it follows the expected guidelines and stands out while also retaining the formal touch.

To help you understand the process better, here is a format of a business proposal that you should advisably incorporate in your proposals.

  1. 1.Title page
  2. 2.Cover letter as an introduction
  3. 3.Content Table
  4. 4.Short Summary of the executive
  5. 5.Proposals
  6. 6.Method of Services offered
  7. 7.About your Company (elaborating on the matter from the Cover letter)
  8. 8.Pricing
  9. 9.Terms and Conditions
  10. 10.Agreement and Contract

These 10 elements are an ideal composition of a business proposal. When you get a request for proposal, you must try to respond to it with your business proposal in the format above and it will surely make a good impression. Most likely that your proposal will even be accepted!

But before you finally send the business proposal, keep a few things in mind and check if they are incorporated in your proposal. A few tips are-

  • Include visual elements that will make the idea even more clear in the mind of the reader
  • Include data which has quantitative value along with qualitative
  • Preferably send in emails unless specifically asked for by post mail.
  • Read the proposal twice thoroughly.

Following these tips and formats, you are good to go ahead with sending your business proposals or requesting for a proposal!

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