Coffee is good in any way, at any time, and with any dish, but have you ever wondered what the ideal combinations are to make it stand out even more?
We know very well that the ideal combination for coffee is dessert. Hardly coffee is combined with salt, or at least not here in Italy.

But are there desserts that go better than others next to a steaming cup of espresso?

How to combine coffee?

Coffee and chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect match for coffee, so it's no surprise that in the last few years it is very fashionable to make chocolates in the shape of a teaspoon, just to use to turn the coffee instead of the classic ones.
But we know very well that there is not just one type of chocolate as there is not just one type of coffee ... It is therefore natural that each type of aroma is best suited to a specific type of chocolate:

White chocolate: in bars we will hardly need a white chocolate near the coffee, yet this being particularly sweet is the perfect match for a robust coffee which, thanks to its intense flavor, will create a truly phenomenal combination.

Milk chocolate: perfect both for a 100% Arabica coffee or a predominantly Arabica coffee.
Dark chocolate: the term is very generic because we know that dark chocolate varies depending on its percentage. If you want to play it safe with a coffee made with moka, a 60% dark chocolate is the one for you! Ditto for a mixed Arabica, while for a 100% Arabica better a 70% dark chocolate.

So if you want to combine chocolate coffee you can use chocolates, or prepare some flakes to melt directly in the cup!

Coffee and Biscuits

Do you think cookies can only be matched with 5 o'clock tea? You're wrong because even the coffee wants its biscuit!

Taking up the subject of chocolate, you cannot miss covered biscuits, or with drops.

Another perfect match is the biscuit made with almond paste, very suitable next to the coffee, or flavored with cinnamon, try it!

Coffee and sweets

With desserts you can really indulge yourself! Certainly the combination also depends on the time of day. In the morning, plum cake, muffins and the like will be a real treat next to coffee.

For the evening we can opt for a tiramisu, a sacher, or a chocolate cake. For the afternoon, a cupcake never hurts!

Coffee in the summer

And in the summer? You can complete your espresso with a scoop of ice cream, or accompany it with small bon bon ice cream.

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