The skin care that is best for aging is the gentle kind. A good option is the use of natural skin care products, however, it may a little difficult to choose the right, natural skin cream because not all products contain ingredients that can be considered gentle enough or soothing enough for sensitive skin.

For example the industry may consider certain natural substances as such, but they are also petroleum based ingredients.. The number of cases to which this fudging about natural products applies is not known, but why chance it? Let's take a look at other ingredients that you may want to avoid in your skin and face creams.

A very important ingredient to avoid is alcohol in all of its varieties except cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates skin and is also known to cause irritation. The main message in this instance is if your product does contain this ingredient, don't buy it if it is in the first five listed.  This tells that the amount is a larger compenent than it should be regarding potential skin aggravation.

Parabens are an additional harmful ingredient that you can find in many natural skin creams. Even though they serve an important purpose by suppressing microbial growth in creams, parabens have been linked to irritation. They have also been linked to more severe problems such as cancer.

Other products that have been linked to cancer are acryl amide, polyethylene glycol, and dioxine. Synthetic colors and fragrances are are more problematic. Besides being considered carcinogenic, they can also alter hormone levels.

Phenol carbolic acid is a commonly found ingredient in skin care products. It is an antiseptic and disinfectant, although if you are continually exposed to this ingredient you may experience irritation or dermatitis.

Various skin creams incorporate an ingredient termed stearalkonium chloride for its conditioning properties. It is known to cause skin and eye irritation. Standard opinion is it is recommended to withold use of for any prolonged period of time.

Vital Ingredients Found in Facial Skin Treatment Products

There are certain ingredients that you should look for in your anti-aging skin care cream. Not all skin products contain them, but you should limit yourself to those that do, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Rose hip seed oil is one of the best natural moisturizers all around. It has been used for years to cure dry skin, eczema, scar tissue and even stretch marks.

Licorice root extract is another natural ingredient that is very refreshing on sensitive skin. It may appear listed as glycyrrhizin on the product labels so look closely before purchasing. If you are worried that this ingredient may cause irritation or produce allergic reactions, then you should do a patch test before trying it on your face.

Snail serum is a new addition to effective anti aging without side effects.  This ingredient incorporated into a sensitive skin repair cream has been scientifically validated to erase fine lines and wrinkles through the rich antioxidants and peptides that comprise of its comprehensive effective skin care makeup.  It wipes out dead skin cells while simultaneously strenthening the skin matrix to give more skin elasticity.  It is also boosts collagen production where needed most, from fine lines, wrinkes, and even to old scars.

Gentle, natural skin care ingredients such as these can help improve the most common signs of aging such as dryness, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

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