Wine is perishable. It is a fact that you have to accept well before you plan for wine room construction in your residence. If you plan to buy a wine cooler or refrigerator, you can preserve your collection but it won’t be as effective as building a cellar. The main reason is that you could store your collection for the aging process without worries.

Here you can find some tips to ensure quality wine storage and make the most out of your collection. Let’s begin with it-

Maintain the Right Temperature

Temperature is the most crucial factor that determines whether you could preserve your collection the way you want. A very high or very low temperature could lead to damaging the quality of wines. For preserving the flavours of your collection, you need to maintain the temperature within the range of 50oF to 60oF all times. Another essential thing is to maintain the moisture balance by installing a humidifier and keeping its range within 60 – 70 per cent.

Store Bottles Horizontally

Always store bottles horizontally on the racks to ensure longevity! The primary reason for horizontal storage rather than keeping them in an upright position is that the cork will remain moist and won’t dry out. Otherwise, you might observe seepage and premature spoilage of your drinks. You are suggested to make proper utilisation of the entire space on racks for efficient storage and get easy access to your collection.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

You may be aware of the fact that both high-intensity lights and direct sunlight could damage wines. It can influence the taste of your collection and lead to losing the flavours. So, the solution is to store them in a dark place and install low-heat LEDs. When you are not interested to consume drinks, you must turn off the lights. Once you feel thirsty for wine, turn on the lights to collect the bottle and turn them off again.

Additional Tips for Opened Wine Bottles

Recork Immediately

Opened bottles must be recorked immediately so that the taste of wine won’t get reduced. It is better to follow the basics to recork the bottle and get rid of wine exposure to air. Any delay in doing this thing could lead to fungus or dirt or mould. Now, place this bottle on a separate rack to help you remember the same when you again plan to enjoy drinks.

Leftover Drinks in Small Bottles

At times, people drink more than half of a bottle of wine and look for a solution to keep the leftover. You can recork the same bottle but the empty space might accumulate oxygen as it is exposed to air for a while. So, the right approach would be to pick a small bottle to transfer the leftover for storage. Just make sure to recork this bottle correctly before keeping it on the rack.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, there are various ways for preserving wines at home. Many people consider buying respective refrigerators and building cabinets. If you plan for home wine room construction and follow this guide, you can ensure ideal wine preservation to enjoy your favourite drinks. You can even taste mature drinks right at home along with guests.

No one can deny that the construction of a cellar is a costly affair. You must think about it like an investment in your property and search for a reliable builder to request a quote. Keep your budget in mind, identify your purpose for building a cellar, and begin your project sensitively!

Author's Bio: 

The author is a wine enthusiast with years of experience in handling a range of bottles. He has been associated with a local agency that provides wine room construction services. Keep visiting here to read his blogs about storing drinks and enhance your knowledge.