A Quick Preamble:

Like the stuff of legends, like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes – OK, that’s a little dramatic…but it works for – the humble coconut and more specifically coconut oil, finally shakes off all the misinformation, bad press and out-n-out ignorance concerning its’ health properties and gets recognised for what it truly is…

…wait for it…(hear the drum rolls)…yep, it’s a SUPERFOOD and it’s actually GOOD FOR YOU…!

I couldn’t be happier, because i use it practically everyday and it turns out – along with many other foods like butter, eggs and red-meat, now popping up into the ‘limelight’, that all the previous BS and demonisation that the so-called “experts” dished out for this perfect food and curer of many ills, was exactly that…complete BS…simple..!

Cutting To The Chase:

Before the advent of the 1960’s and the mass production of the easier and cheaper to produce “hydrogenated” oils, the healing properties of the coconut had been used to alleviate:

• Malnutrition
• Constipation
• Skin Conditions and Infections
• Earache
• Toothache
• The Flu
• Coughs n’ Colds

And of course many, many more uses were made of all the different products derived from the coconut.


With the demise of the regular use of coconut and its derivatives i.e. its oil etc., diseases and sicknesses that were already pretty much a common trait throughout Europe and the U.S., now started becoming a whole lot more prevalent among the natives of those islands and countries where the coconut was previously a staple food and all these diseases were previously nonexistent…shameful..!

The simple truth is that coconut is not only a mega-healing Super Food, but its a fully “functional” food that’s rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, essential and critical stuff for total good health – and it’s 100% natural…what can be better..?

Hey, you can even use it for your skin and hair as a beauty aid AND IT BURNS FAT…yep, just by adding a small amount of coconut oil to your diet, it WILL help burn away any excess fat you may want to be rid of…most especially the most dangerous fat, abdominal fat..the fat that gathers around your organs and in your abdominal cavity – this is the fat generally associated with many western diseases.

Coconut oil is a ‘saturated’ fat, in fact a very rich saturated fat – but TAKE NOTE – being told that this was bad for your health was just a complete MYTH…it has now been proved to have its own specific health-promoting properties and has absolutely nothing to do with heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol as was previously claimedin fact, it has been proven that it will protect you from problems in your thyroid, brain, heart and colon, as well as cancer and infections or viruses.

Oh and another great use for coconut oil is for your mouth and dental health – it’s known as “oil pulling”…just google it and check out the info’ – it works..!

Most impressive of all is it actually contains a high amount of what is probably the healthiest substance on the planet – Lauric Acid…this is what makes mothers milk so healthy and is so important at the initial development phase of her baby…there are only a few other sources i.e. cows milk, goats milk or coconut oil…and coconut oil is the next best thing to mothers milk..!

There have been a huge array of studies made with coconut oil and its’ unique combination of fatty acids on people effected with Alzheimers, Heart Disease and even Epilepsy…all with the most positive results – i won’t go into too much detail here because it’s easy for you to find all that type of info’ online if you feel the need to research.

A Final Anecdote:

The evidence is now out there as the medical and science fraternity are waking up to the truth that’s been too long in coming…coconut oil is part of “Natures Bounty” and as such, should be used as was always intended – for your perfect Natural Health and Wellness.

Every part and product of the coconut, especially the oil, has been used for thousands of years for the benefit of the perfect health of those who have used it…there is absolutely no reason you should not be using it as part of an everyday balanced diet…i most certainly do..!

* * *
Just before you go, how about this great short poem from Michael Flores Caasi of the Philippines:


How beautiful to stare and to see,
Those palm ribs of my favorite coconut tree;
Where trunk is towering up and high.
Like birds soaring high in sky.
The fruits may be hard outside
but there’s a clear and soft heart inside,
The juice within can make me strong
And make my joyful life so long.
My tree is always proud to stand
Where roots are tightly holding grounds;
At night when stars and moon are bright,
My tree smiles in perfect sight.
O dear O lovely coconut tree
Be still today, thanks for inspiring me.

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