Historically, hotels offered concierge services with a desk within the lobby to allow customers to voice requests. The concierge would help with bookings, sightseeing tours, and more. Today the services have moved to more than what hotels offer. Private agencies are now at it, and banks offer premium credit cards.

There are many perks associated with concierge services, such as business, travel, golfing, recreational, wine and dining, event planning, and lifestyle services.

Concierge services in hospitality

In the hospitality industry, there is a need for virtual and traditional concierges for better effectiveness and success. Digital concierge service Belgium can benefit the industry by creating the most seamless journey for the client. This starts from the pre-booking day up to the time they leave. With such a tool, hotels can offer some of the best experiences for the customers all through and allow them to resolve any issues and doubts that they may have. It also becomes easier to confirm bookings and talk about obstacles that may be causing issues or keeping them from booking.

There is a rise in third-party booking sites, making digital concierge one of the most powerful ways to encourage bookings. With digital concierge services, you don’t have to deal with a third party, making things more personal.

Virtual concierge uses artificial intelligence to provide hotel guests with some assistance. This can be accessed through digital gadgets, and the customer can get more information than would have originally been possible. A digital concierge can tell you about the weather and flight status.

While there are many exciting things about a virtual concierge service, the hospitality industry cannot do away with traditional concierge services. A personal touch cannot be eliminated from the whole process. People still need human contact as much as digitizing is convenient.

A traditional concierge is important in the sense that a virtual concierge can face issues at times. Some of the concierge services are also best handled traditionally.

Lifestyle concierge in hospitality

A lifestyle concierge is personal and is designed to give a person balance in their schedules with their professional, family, and personal life. Lifestyle concierge can also be used in the hospitality industry to allow you to concentrate on having a good time and not waste time on some other matters. If you are going away on holiday or have other engagements which make you very busy, a lifestyle concierge is what you need. As such, all personal tasks can be outsourced.

You don’t have to worry about some of the smaller issues allowing you to concentrate on the more important matters like enjoying your holiday seamlessly or your family. A lifestyle concierge is important because they do more than bookings and event planning. They also remind you of all the important dates you should meet regardless of where you are. Lifestyle concierge Brussels will ensure you keep time and that everything you need is well organized.

Combining traditional and virtual concierge services

A concierge enterprise Belgique can combine virtual and traditional concierge services for the most seamless experience. In the hospitality industry, combining the two comes with great results.

Virtualizing concierge services means you need fewer people to handle the traditional part. You can also allow the clients to easily check in even when no staff member is available to attend to them. Virtual concierge also means that your clients don’t need to wait too long for very simple issues to be tackled. They can send you notifications when there are important dates or reminders for your engagements or schedule.

The traditional part handles things we cannot make virtual and offers help in case of a temporary virtual failure. They can handle your bags and make transfers easier. They can also escort you on your excursions and make your experience as personalized as possible.

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