Sleep is an integral part of your daily life, and therefore getting quality sleep is of great benefit to your health. However, to get a good sleep you should have a quality mattress that satisfies your needs. Some of the factors that people consider when buying a new mattress include quality, support, comfort and lifespan.

In the last few years, many people have now started to consider the safety of the mattresses to them and the environment. This is due to health concerns from the use of inorganic mattresses such as memory foam mattresses that emit volatile compounds. These volatile compounds are known to cause respiratory problems and skin irritation to the users. Besides, the use of flame-retardants and cotton pesticides chemicals that are found in the normal mattresses can affect the nervous system and lead to cancer.

These normal mattresses can also affect the environment after being disposed. This has led many to many people opting for eco-friendly mattresses that are safe to them and the environment. Here we will discuss the three types of eco-friendly mattresses that you should consider when you think of buying a new mattress in future.

Emerging Eco-Friendly Mattresses

These include Latex mattresses, Organic and Recycled mattresses.

  • Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses can be considered as eco-friendly beddings as they are in large percentage made from natural latex rubber and other materials. Besides, a mattress made from 100% natural rubber is an organic mattress. This has made the use of latex in mattress industry to increase rapidly as many regard it as a green or eco-friendly material.

Latex mattresses are also durable and are ideal for couples or those sharing beds as it is easy to toss and turn on them.  In addition, latex mattresses are also perfect for those who suffer from back pain or allergy symptoms. This is because latex mattresses are dust mite resistant, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. However, there are also synthetic latex mattresses that are not eco-friendly and therefore it is advisable to inquire whether the material is plant-derived latex.

Finally, latex mattresses do not hold up your body heat, resist compression and conform to your body after some time. This makes latex mattresses one of the most comfortable and safe mattresses.

  • Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses can be designed from a pure natural material or a combination of variety of materials. Some of the common materials that are used in making organic mattresses include latex, cotton and wool.

These mattresses can be designed into different shapes and forms that include memory foam, adjustable airbeds and inner spring beds. An organic mattress that is made from a variety of materials and therefore it is more durable.

However, cotton organic mattresses compress over a short time and therefore require to replaced before the other varieties.

  • Recycled Mattresses

"Recycled mattresses can be considered as eco-friendly regardless of the material used as they help in reducing pollution. This has led to the increase of recycled mattresses in the market, although they are not popular with many people due to the rising trend of eco-friendly mattresses" Adam from Mattress Inquirer Website


The new trend of embracing “green material” mattresses will lead to the entry of more eco-friendly products into the market. However, this will not make people to compromise on other features that they need in a mattress. This explains why latex mattresses are increasingly becoming popular. Besides, they offer great features apart from eco-friendly.

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