Celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, Karwa Chauth is one of the major festivals in Northern & Western India for the married women respectively. The carnival is eminent by women to entreat for long life and welfare of their husbands. Karwa Chauth is celebrated in most part of Subcontinent (India). Women perform Nine day fast of Karwa Chauth prior to Diwali. On the eve Husband’s give Karwa Chauth gifts hampers to their wives. Karwa Chauth’s basis starts early in advance, by acquire conventional jewelry or adornments, gifts for Karwa Chauth, Shringar (Cosmetics), and pooja items which include henna, flowers, petals, matthi, karwa diyas and decorative pooja thali’s are purchased. On the occasion Sweets purchased online somewhere lots of range is offered.

Products associated to Karwa Chauth are spreaded all in excess of the local market which displays the joyful season impression. Items accessible online are ordered online for free home delivery. Friends and relatives send flowers internationally as it is very fashionable nowadays; there are more number of Florists in the town who present the competence. Women take pre-dawn meal (Sargi) prearranged by their mother-in-law before sunrise. Women do not eat no matter which during the whole day or drink water either. The fasting women do not perform any of the household work. Entire day of the women go by meeting their friends and relatives. The henna and cosmetics are applied by all women to themselves. Karwa Chauth Gift item is exchanged with each other. Traditionally gifts like clay pot painted with colors overflowing with ribbons, karwa chauth flowers, cosmetics, candies, handkerchiefs, and bangles are exchanged in a quantity of regions. Fasting Ladies receives gifts from their parents and relatives.

During the twilight, women wear their dresses, trinkets and after applying the shringar (Cosmetics) gathers at the common place along with their Karwa Chath Pooja Thali decorated with Sindur, fresh flowers, Incense Stick (Agarbatti) and food Grain (Rice). In the gathering Karwa Chauth Story is portrait by a priest (Pujarin) or an old lady. Karwa Chauth Song is sung by the women during the process. The fasting women wait for moon rise after their pooja gets over, with their husbands nearby. Once the moon arises women assessment their husband’s sign in the water filled container through a dupatta, or through a sieve. Ladies suggest water to the moon to get its blessings. The husband then feeds water and a morsel (generally sweet) to his wife from decorated thali and the women has her full meals. Husband’s gift their beloved wives with an expensive dress, jewelry, Flower Bouquet, or exclusive Karwa Chauth 2011 Gift.

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