The road of recovery is not the same as the path of despair. Many, perhaps most people fear allowing themselves to feel their darker feelings because they remember times of being overwhelmed or crushed by them. Consequently most of us find creative, elaborate, or self-destructive ways to avoid being in touch with our painful memories and feelings.

When you walked the path of despair you did so not knowing why you felt so bad and you felt completely alone. You felt no one understood or could possibly know what you were going through. The roots of your despair were yet unconscious. You feared being swallowed up by the grief and the darkness.

The road to recovery is a different road. On this road you must face your fears and also walk into your darkness. However, this is a path that promises hope, not despair, healing, not death. On this road you intentionally and consciously allow yourself to feel what you feel, to remember and to mourn. But you don’t walk this road alone. You will have helpers who walk beside you, hold your hand, or shine a light on the path. You find new ways of knowing yourself and become intimate with your history and emotional memories. As you venture in with open mind and open heart you discover that Divine Love is there, waiting for your invitation, leading you back to your core and your source.

So do not be afraid. Venture forth, ask for help and guidance, and trust that there is light waiting to be found. The road may be rough and scary at first but you will not regret taking this road less traveled. Live your life!

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