Unemployment is a very serious issue in the modern world, especially under the difficult economic situation worldwide. The external factors that determine unemployment have been discussed in detail, so let us focus on the internal factors.

A person who is out of work should look for the underlying reasons and try to improve the qualities that he or she can offer employers. HR specialists differentiate between a person’s hard and soft skills. Very often improving the former or the latter could result in much better employability.

Put in simple terms, hard skills are associated with one’s IQ and these are the things that can be learned at school or at various courses, whereas soft skills refer to one’s EQ (or emotional intelligence) and are more difficult to define, as they can range from person to person and from occupation to occupation. It is difficult to tell which is more important, as there are jobs in which hard skills are essential, such as IT specialists or physicists. In other cases, extensive soft skills are required, like in sales for example.

How to improve one’s hard skills?
Depending on one’s education and job, hard skills may refer to various aspects of knowledge. In most cases, modern companies insist on employees being well prepared to work with modern technology, due to the trend of moving businesses online. That is why, one can enroll in various Computer Courses to improve one’s computer literacy and while most people are well familiar with programs like Word and Excel, other software programs need more extensive training. Learning how to use PowerPoint, Access or DTP (desktop publishing) can be extremely important in increasing one’s chances of being employed.

How to improve one’s soft skills?
Compared to hard skills, soft skills are harder to determine because of their variety and flexibility. However, investing time and resources in improving generally sought-after qualities, like leadership, teamwork, communication (improving one’s listening and speaking skills), decision making and problem solving might prove beneficial for one’s development as a person and as an employee. Depending on the type of job, more specific soft skills might be developed through various Psychology Courses and trainings.

Experts advise that one should be patient and persevere in the quest for self-perfection. Everything one does to improve their hard or soft skills, adds valuable experience and brings them closer to success.

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