Deepak Chopra explains the nature of consciousness as a movie reel where there are multiple frames with a space between each … much like computer binary code … a series of “on” and “off” switches. I find this description quite inspiring and helpful in advancing the possibility for spontaneous evolutionary leaps within a generation. We have the tremendous opportunity in each of these “off” switches to shift our perception and dream an entirely different reality to impact our selves, and the greater world around us.

This is extremely useful when we realize the gravity of the social, economic, political and environmental issues which jeopardize our ongoing ability to inhabit this planet. Viewing ourselves separate from the world, we have assumed the planet is here to serve us and have created an existence that is not sustainable. When in fact it is the exact opposite. We are here to serve this planet as its caretakers and we have sorely failed at that task. Our failure is so extreme that we may not have the luxury of the time it takes for nature to solve these problems itself through natural disaster and cross-generational evolutionary bounds.

What is necessary is our own active participation with inter-generational evolutionary steps that will significantly impact the planet and our world around us much more quickly. We can do that by shifting our perception during those “off” switches so that what appears at each “on” switch begins to change, advance and improve in ways that solve for a sustainable future. Attitudes and outlooks begin to shift. Old institutions and ideas that no longer serve us begin to fall away and new, productive, efficient systems and institutions begin to emerge which will carry us into the future. We begin to care about and thereby for the world around us. And in so doing, we are transformed and find ourselves living sustainably.

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Barry Lipscomb is a writer, healer and mentor with a mission to empower people to reach their potential. Through a practice of Focalizing, Chakra Cleansing, Blessings and Rituals, he works with clients to heal what prevents them from realizing their potential, mentor them along their journey to a more meaningful life and explore the possibilities for a successful, prosperous and abundant future, creating a more sustainable life for his clients and our world. For more information visit my website at