We see many kinds of Plants around us. Plants are of different Shapes and Sizes. Some are very big in Size. Tall Strong Plants are called Trees. For example BANYAN, PEEPAL and COCONUT Tree

Small bushy Plants like the ROSE and COTTON Plants are called SHRUBS. Plants smaller than SHRUBS are called HERBS, for example SPINACH and RICE

Plants have Leaves. These Leaves are of different Shapes and Sizes. Some are Round, Some are long and some are Triangular. Some have straight margins and some have uneven margins. Most Leaves are green in Color. Some are even Yellow, Red and Purple. Leaves prepare Food for Plants. They are called Kitchen of the Plant. Different Plants have different Smells.

Plants need Water to make their Food. They make their Food with the help of Air, Water and Sun Light. Rain is the main Source of Water. Rain Water goes into the Soil. Plants get this Water through their Roots.

Humans need Water to Live. Like us Plants and Animals also need Water. We all need Food to Live. We take Food because it ……………..
• Gives us Energy to Work and Play
• Helps us to Grow
• Helps us to Stay Healthy by Protecting us against Diseases

We also Grow Plants at Home Some Plants live in Water. They are called AQUATIC PLANTS. The LOTUS and LILY Plants are AQUATIC PLANTS. They Grow only in Water. The COCONUT Tree Grows in Hot Places near the Sea. MANGO and NEEM Trees Grow in warm Places, The CAPTUS Plant Grows in Hot Deserts where Water is very little

Cereals like WHEAT, RICE, MAIZE and MILLET Store their excess Food in their Seeds. These Seeds are called GRAINS. WHEAT is used for making Chapattis, Bread and Cakes. RICE is Boiled and eaten. RICE is also used for making IDLIS and DOSAS

We eat Green Vegetables. They are good for our Health. Vegetables are eaten Raw or Cooked. We eat different Parts of Plants and Vegetables. CARROT & RADDISH are the Roots of Plants

We also eat underground items of some Plants ONION, GINGER and POTATO is some underground stems that we eat
We eat FRUITS like APPLES, BANANAS, MANGOES, PINEAPPLES and ORANGES. These FRUITS are very tasty. FRUITS Grow from the Flowers of Plants

We eat the Leaves of some Plants, for example CABBAGE, SPINACH, MINT and METHI. We get Spices like CHILLI, CLOVE, PEPPER CUMIN, GINGER and TURMERIC from Plants. We add Spices to our Food to make it tasty
OIL is obtained from the Seeds of Plants like GROUNDNUT, MUSTURED, SUNFLOWER and COCONUT. The OILS that are used in Cooking are called EDIBLE OILS.

When we are Sick, Our Elders give us MEDICINES. We use Dried Roots of MULETHI (LIQUORICE) to treat Cough and Cold. We take Leaves and Seeds of DHATTURA to treat Disorders like ASTHAMA and BRONCHITIS. We use the Leaves and Seed Oil of NEEM to Treat FEVER. We take the Fruits of AMLA to Treat CONSTIPATION. We use TURMERIC Powder for the Treatment of WOUNDS and SPRAINS

Hence the PLANTS Plays a major role in the HUMANS Daily life

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