You can find an infinite number of weight loss programs that claim to have "the key" to weight loss. In reality, the key to weight loss is burning off more calories than you consume. In an ideal world, you would feel hungry, eat enough healthy foods to feel full, and avoid gaining weight. But we don't live in an ideal world. Consuming empty calories or excessive carbohydrates in response to hunger doesn't satisfy, and the results are overeating and weight gain. One of the keys to cutting down on the number of calories you consume is knowing how to control hunger. Protein in your eating plan can help.

Controlling Hunger

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that when people reduced fat to 20% of their total calories and increased their protein to 30% of their total calorie intake (with carbohydrates accounting for the other 50%), they consumed an average of over 400 fewer calories per day and had an easier time regulating calorie intake. Another article in the Journal of Nutrition found that a high-protein diet accompanied by exercise not only assisted with loss of weight and loss of fat, but improved fat levels in the blood. Nutritional researchers believe that eating plans with higher levels of protein help people control their appetites safely and effectively.

How Protein Helps Curb Hunger

Dietary researchers are not certain exactly how increasing the percentage of calories from protein helps curb appetite, but they hypothesize that a high-protein diet somehow causes the brain to have lower levels of hormones that stimulate the appetite. Whether this effect is caused directly by higher protein levels, by consumption of fewer carbohydrates is not yet known. However, there appears to be a real effect on appetite-stimulating hormones and brain chemistry when more of a person's daily calorie intake comes from protein. Fortunately, many makers of weight loss products offer convenient high-protein foods for those who want to lose weight.

Integrating Protein Snacks into Your Weight Loss Plan

Wouldn't it be great if you could satisfy your hunger for a snack with a product that tasted great and had plenty of appetite-suppressing protein? The Crisp n Crunch Cinnamon Bar is one product that is popular among people increasing protein to aid weight loss. Not only does it have a decadent taste, it contains 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber to help you feel satisfied for longer. You can also integrate other high protein, low carbohydrate snacks like boiled eggs, nuts, or yogurt into your daily eating plan to help you keep your appetite under control.

Making it Easier on Yourself

You know that you have to burn off more calories than you consume to lose weight. You can make it easier on yourself by incorporating foods that help suppress your appetite into your diet. Nutritional research has shown that high-protein foods are better at holding down appetite than high-carbohydrate foods. With convenient snacks like the Crisp n Crunch Cinnamon Bar and other high protein snacks, you can enjoy the foods you eat and help keep your appetite under control without feeling deprived.

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