The capital market is a market which deals in long – term loans. It supplies industry with fixed and working capital and finances medium- term and long term borrowing of the federal, state and local governments.
The capital market deals in ordinary stocks and shares and debentures of corporations and bond and securities of government and it should be noted that the fund which flow into the capital market come from individuals who have savings to invest.
In another sense the stock exchange plays an important role in the economy, it determine the economic health of the country and has a pivotal role in mobilizing resources for the development of capital market. It is patient to know that the capital market functions through stock exchange market under the stock exchange of every country.
A case study of Nigerian stock exchange, the contribution of stock exchange in the banking sector and in the economic will being of the public
In a nut shell, the tock exchange aims to provide an atmosphere when buyer and seller of securities must to buy and sell shoves (securities) the study on the role of stock exchange in the development of capital market will focus on:
(a) the role of stock exchange in Nigeria and the capital market
(b) history of Nigeria stock exchange and it past operations
(c) Effect and important of stock exchange as a unit of capital market on the industrial development.
(d) Impact on the investor and issues of the securities
(e) Nature of the capital market and exchange in the capital market operations.
(f) Participant in the capital market
(g) Problem of Nigeria stock exchange in the capital market operations

A case study of Nigeria, the contribution of stock exchange in the banking sector and in economic well being of the general public.
In a nutshell, the stock exchange aims to provide an atmosphere where buyer and sellers of securities meet to buy and sells shares (securities)
The importance of stock exchange cannot be over emphasized in the banking sector and even it performs prominent roles in Nigeria economy at large. In developing our economy in Nigeria in Banking sector, with stock exchange had came into being so as to perform this active part in banking and Nigeria as well, in view of the above, the stock exchange market aimed at motivating and encourage the Investor, Brokers as well as the general public to have improvement in their aims of buying and selling securities, through proper usage of the instrument used in the stock exchange market.

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