Costa Rica offers a vibrant experience. It is famous as a tourist destination. Volunteer programs for Costa Rica make it equally famous among the volunteering enthusiasts. Based on your specific interest you can choose a program to volunteer in. If you have affinity towards turtles and its conservation then you can go in for programs designed to conserve the sea turtles.

This program is designed to protect the female sea turtles and preserve their eggs from poachers. Through this program, volunteers get a chance to explore the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. The objective of the volunteer programs to save sea turtles also includes saving the eggs and newborns from natural predators. This requires night patrol, providing the chance to stay in the shelters called ‘vivero’.

There several locations on the Pacific and the Caribbean beaches that is ideal for the program with an objective to save the sea turtles. Volunteers with the program also collect data related to hatching and other nesting activities. This information is shared with the community members and is used in improving the techniques for the next season. During the program, you also get the chance to familiarize yourself with the scientific tools and equipment that are used to collect information about the nesting process.

This program calls for more and more numbers of volunteers to participate, making it possible to cover maximum stretch over beaches and hence, maximizing the chance of saving the endangered turtles.

Since the program requires close interaction with the local people; therefore, the volunteers should have good command over the Spanish language. Therefore, you are required to attend a beginner course in Spanish unless you are very fluent in the language.

Although Costa Rica as a travel destination is not expensive; still getting a chance to volunteer enables you to visit the place as well as serve humanitarian goals. Through these programs you not only actively participate in some noble cause, you also get a chance to know about the culture and people. These programs require teamwork and thus you need to work closely with other team members. Through these interactions, you also get to know about them, different places and culture that they come from.

There are also several other volunteer programs for Costa Rica that you might find interesting for the next season. If you plan to learn Spanish along with contributing to some cause, then, you can choose from several Spanish learning programs that are offered for a volunteer in Costa Rica.

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