Read this article to know in detail about the vital role of WordPress in the success of e-commerce businesses. Hire from the WordPress development company for better services. 

Commerce and content are two of the prime driving forces manipulating the online economy. One of the most useful tools to manage both these together on the same platform is WordPress. Initially utilised as a blogging tool for most traditional websites, this platform has now expanded its functionality. It has undoubtedly excelled in both content and commerce management, yielding prominent results for businesses. An open-source content management tool, it is licensed under GPLv2 which means anyone can use this software absolutely free. Hence, one cannot simply deny its advantages brought about by the WordPress developer

Today, WordPress has modified its core code, forming a massive ecosystem with several plugins and themes - a popular method of boosting e-commerce stores. Creating meaningful content increases SEO and website traffic forming high-quality conversion rate for the business. Over the years, the platform of WordPress has grown phenomenally. It is no longer simply used to host the blogs. By 2020, more than half of the internet is powered by this.  


Why use WordPress as an E-Commerce Strategy?

WordPress acts as a foundation for almost 60% of the online websites- selling goods as well as creating space for interesting storytelling. This strategy is mostly utilised by those companies which want to - 

  • Build a lifelong community and customer value and loyalty through their own website  
  • Receive organic search visibility and reduce the need for paid PPC. this subsequently increases ROAS, testing for new keywords etc. 
  • Nurturing the interest of the customers through a steady and long buying cycle.  
  • Wanting to deploy a headless model for commerce which can become successful. This can then proceed towards becoming a true omnichannel without the headache of buzzwords.  


Outside of this entire B2B concept, the main purpose and role of the WordPress strategy are to build a strong brand awareness along with consistent customer loyalty, from awareness to retention. For this one should have the following - 

  • Publish appealing and meaningful content
  • SEO results should be top grade 
  • The website should have a quick loading time 
  • The orchestration of the data should be well balanced  


Organisations prefer to use Wordpress mostly because - 

  • The installation of PHP files on the servers can be done 
  • This open-source application pitched by the framework of PHP made WordPress evolve into a complete, well-integrated system for content management 
  • The front end and back end work is usually kept separate via this. One can also change designs and website layouts via this and by choosing the theme.  
  • There are numerous plugins which vitally assist in extending the functional operations after installation.  


WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms which enables the business to post any and all types of content on their online website. It creates a separate forum, a good web hosting provider which gives one the option of a single click installation. It has a friendly interface within the cPanel so that one can install and activate the website powered by WordPress. For this, there is absolutely no need for information on coding. Though setting up a digital commerce website can be a bit challenging, WordPress provides sheer simplicity and a plethora of plugins which makes installation easier. It also brings the downtime and developmental efforts to huge profits in the market. Thus, digital businesses flourish rapidly.  


WordPress is by default SEO friendly. It’s built-in designing features and plugins act as the best SEO attributes. WordPress does not automatically accommodate digital E-Commerce. One has to imply the plugin or add ons to add items to the inventory and then display them under different categories of the website. For this, one can utilise the WooCommerce plugin, which is the oldest and most preferred for running E-Commerce websites. With this level of expertise, one is able to provide their online business with a cutting edge experience and reputation, vouching for greater efficiency and ROI based profit. Its search engine friendliness also makes for another prominent Wordpress feature which can manage online stores smoothly besides content management and social media engagement.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an expert WordPress developer associated with a reputed company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to inform the readers about the important role played by WordPress in this era of E-Commerce businesses.