The school which provides you the world class facilities in the school education is known as international school. From past few years many schools have been come into existence in Delhi which provides the international grade facilities for senior secondary schools up to 12th standard. Many foreign investors have spent money in India to start such type of schools in collaboration with Indian government for the better education system in India.

Foreigners who are residing in India or Delhi are becomes first persons who enrolls their children in such schools. The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a member of the community who is committed to cater the quality international education in India. (CIS) is a non-profit member that provides services to the elementary and secondary schools and higher education institutions around the world. They are motivated to provide students the best knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens by offering them high quality education at school level.

Those international schools has also infused intercultural angle into their programs so that the students can move forward with the boldness and understanding that will provide them a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them in their future. Many other Elementary and secondary education in India also can also become the good examples of inducing some learning programs which are based on international schools. These schools are using the complete English culture in India so that your child will be habitual to learn the curriculum according to them. The fees of such schools are little bit higher then the other public and private schools in Delhi. If your child will study in such schools they will definitely feel like to study in some US schools.

The infrastructure and other co-curricular facilities in these schools are also maintained by reminding the foreign styles and standards. Your child will learn and enjoy a lot in such a healthy environment to study and learn. Many of these schools offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Program which can lead to an IB diploma. This is a specific program that is included in the international schools grade of study pattern in various schools overseas in India too.

We can suggest you a few International schools in North West Delhi which records the internationals study patterns. Like Cambridge International School, Delhi International School etc. Cambridge International education schools provides educational at its excellence, which makes Cambridge qualifications - like IGCSE and International A/AS Level - renowned among universities and employers across the world. This is why over 1.5 million students worldwide do studies from Cambridge. It is a well renowned school at north Delhi too.

Thus if your child is passed out from any recognized international schools in Delhi can make their future very much brighter and can easily pursue their higher studies in aboard. Such type of schools make your child more shaper and smarter not only in studies but in all other parts of life too.

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