Servant leadership is a type of mind control that is less hypnotizing than the usual type of mind control. This type of control focuses on changing someone’s brain from worrying only about them to being solely worried on the needs of those around them, specifically their “leader”. Servant leaders are said to be incredibly humble and will do just about anything for their leader. Anything including acts of the human body, financial support, or anything physical can be performed by the servant leader without any excuse or unhappiness. Servant leaders are always willing to help their leader no matter what, which is not typical of a human being which is why this is noted as a form of mind control.

A servant leader will change your life drastically as you will be able to control someone for all of your needs; however this does not mean that you can treat your servant however you’d like. Servant leaders are known for showing their servants with magnificent respect and never allowing them to feel anything short of respected and important.

The characteristics of a typical servant leader include the following:
• Listening.
Servant leaders must pay close attention to what their servants have to say for a number of different reasons. For instance if the servant leader needs help with deciding something, they must listen and communicate with their subordinates to achieve the best decision. They must also listen to any complaints and work on these complaints with the servants.
• Humility.
As mentioned above, the servant leader must pay close attention to the needs and wants of their subordinates. They must also be active in making their servants feel as happy as possible at all times and never letting them struggle through something on their own.
• Helpful.
A servant leader must also be helpful and be actively trying to heal their servants whether they need help with personal relationships or are struggling through an illness. A servant leader is always willing to help those below him.
• Persuasive.
A servant leader should never demand things of those around them. They must never take advantage of any of the things their subordinates do for them. Instead of demanding things of their followers, they should instead ask politely and persuade their servants into doing certain tasks.
• Foresight.
A servant leader must be able to look into the future of a situation, and never ask their servants to do anything that may compromise the future. This means that the servant leader always strives to help protect his followers from anything that may happen in the future.

While some people may not refer to servant leadership as a form of mind control, that is the furthest statement from the truth. Servant leaders have the power to control their subordinates into doing almost anything for them, which is truly a form of mind control. Becoming a servant leader will change ones life dramatically as they have the power to control individuals in an all new respectful and aware way.

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