The Root or Base or First Chakra - Sanskrit name- Muladhara.

The root chakra is concerned with physical needs and basic human survival. Safety and security govern reactions of a 1st chakra response. The root chakra is about being here in this body, and connecting with the earth. It is also about belonging to, and fitting in with a tribe, and feeling safe.

Children at the age of 0-18 months essentially need to trust their parents or care-takers. If the environment is safe and secure, they learn that the world is a safe place and it is ok to be me.

New born babies and small children sense that the world is not a safe place if

• The home is chaotic, for example in the case of a war, or an addiction, or in a very large family,
• The home is very sombre, for example just after a death, or if someone in the family is very sick,
• The environment is full of fear, for example, if the mother or father is very fearful,
• The child's needs are not met

When a child decides that the world is not a safe place to be, this can lead to a life time of not believing that its' needs will be met or that other people are safe. To a new born, this is a survival issue so 1st chakra fears often feel life threatening and need to be addressed in a safe environment. Often people with trust issues develop behavioural habits that keep others away- for example, isolation and addiction.

This is also the chakra that is tribal and related to family identity. We are herd animals, and give great importance to approval from others. There is a very definite way to be, and acting differently can lead to humiliation, alienation and rejection.

"What will they say?" forms a large part of our tribal code- there are very specific right and correct ways to be, do, and act, and so on. Whilst this can be a good thing- if there were no rules about driving on the road, for example, driving would become terrifying- it can stifle individuality.

What the tribal mindset encourages is not standing out, and it does not allow for other points of view or expansion. Creative expression and spontaneity can be threatening to the group.

Control is usually underpinned by fear, and many prefer the status quo, because this is comfortable and known, even if it means not getting you what you want. Fear of being different can often prevent the bravest people from following the guidance that comes from that place within.

Here are some typical 1st chakra fears-

What will they say?
What will they think?
Will I be rejected for being different/ authentic/ powerful?
Will I be humiliated for speaking my truth?
Will I be alone?

The physical body plays an important role with this chakra. A healthy relationship with your body suggests a balanced first chakra. If it is out of balance, there are often issues around the body and food. If we do not feel safe and supported, it is easy to find solace in food as replacement nourishment for the comfort that we need. Similarly, people who dissociate frequently from their bodies, or live in their minds, often have base chakra issues as a means of escaping their pain.

Base chakra characteristics-

Too Much Energy

• Bullying
• Greed
• Over-Eating
• Self-Centeredness
• Hoarding
• Sluggish
• Lazy
• Tired
Addiction to Security
• Fear of Change
• Rigid Control.

Blocked Energy

• Emotionally Needy
• Disconnection from Body
• Underweight/ Overweight
• Fearful
• Self-Destructive Behaviour
• Poor Discipline
• Low Self-Esteem
• Poor Boundaries
• Disorganised
• Victim

Balanced Energy

• Good health
• Grounded
• High Physical Energy
• Comfortable in Body
• Sense that the World is a Safe Place
• Ability to Relax and Go Within.

Root Chakra Colour


Root Chakra Crystals

• Blood Stone
• Smokey Quartz
• Agate
• Tiger's Eye
• Hematite
• Garnet
• Ruby
• Onyx
• Rose Quartz.

1st Chakra Healing

Yoga is very effective at reconnecting you with your body. Meditations that bring you into your body are also very helpful. Physical exercise and dance and connecting with the earth can assist people with 1st chakra issues. Also, looking at your history and understanding where your fears come from and processing them in a safe environment. Sound and colour therapy can also be useful and the use of crystals, massage and energy therapy is also good practice. Addressing any food or weight issues that you have, and learning to love and accept your body will also rebalance 1st chakra issues.

N.B. These are all just suggestions- you must find something that you are comfortable with and that will not be the same for everyone.

Affirm: I have the right to be here. It is safe to be here.

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