The Rosebush - Mindful Gardening is an excerpt from Janet's mindfulness book, Pathwasy to Wholenss

If we are being mindful (fully aware) of a newly purchased Rosebush, we carefully attend to it so that it can be planted, root, mature and thrive in a way that is mutually beneficial to the Rosebush, to ourselves, the environment surrounding the bush, and to the environment of our yard and beyond.

• Compatibility of all living things

Once we have chosen a location that provides good rich soil and the necessary amount of sunlight, we continue our evaluation. We ask if this location enhances the beauty of the Rosebush and maintains or enhances the beauty and design of the garden. If the answer is yes to all of the above, we plant and begin to tend to the bush. We make sure our new Rosebush gets watered when the soil becomes dry and that it is fed with plant food if needed. We monitor the contentment and the stress levels of the Rosebush as it takes root and begins to grow. If signs of stress arise, we do our best to alleviate the stress. We notice new leaves when they appear, being aware that the new leaves are a lighter shade of green than the older leaves. We note the gradual change in them as they become mature. We notice the texture and shape of the leaves, and we know instantly through subtle changes if the new bush needs any special attention. We are aware of the tight, green, little rosebuds when they first appear and watch their gradual unfolding as more and more of the colorful rose petals come into view. We celebrate the first full fragrant bloom, the rich color it contributes to the garden and the pleasure it gives us. We look forward to each day and await subsequent blooms that will fill the air with their sweet scent. We notice when old blooms need to be pruned, and we prune them gently and carefully.

• Positive and loving life energy flows through all that exists

Through this cycle of life, and because of our conscious tending of the bush, we notice that we have become emotionally attached to the Rosebush and realize that the beauty of the bush and its successful growing season have nurtured us and provided pleasure and joy. We might notice that our joy is contagious. We might feel emotionally lighter and our work might seem easier and more enjoyable. We realize that we have gradually become more satisfied with life because our life is more peaceful and pleasurable. We have been positively focused and fully present for a growing season. Because of our mindful state created through daily focused care and attention to the new Rosebush that has grown, produced blooms and thrived, we are cognizant of a mutual sharing. Sharing exists between ourself, the Rosebush, the garden that supported the Rose, and creation that has provided sunlight, rain, food and rest for the bush. The Rosebush is thriving, and because we have been fully present, so are we!

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