Over the ages the purpose of the royal family has changed. Today they are not only an attraction for people from all over the world and for people in Britain: they are also idolised and worshiped by thousands of people.

The royal family are the modern day celebrities and this is of course a far cry from their original purpose. However, unlike other celebrities that are often elevated and then toppled by the media; there identity is rarely tarnished.

Modern day celebrities are all too familiar with being scrutinized and pulled down, some get back up and others do not. One of the reasons that this doesn’t happen to the royal family is because they are generally portrayed as being perfect human beings. And out of this perception is the creation of an incredible illusion.

A Deeper Look

Here I will present my own views on this obsession and they are not to be taken as the absolute truth. My intention is not to label the royal family as being appropriate or inappropriate or as good or bad, but to simply look at the psychological dynamics that are involved.

On The Surface

No matter what one is talking is about, something exists because it has a purpose and the royal family are no different here. On the surface they could be described as individuals that posses esteemed quality’s such as; morality, integrity and compassion.

As a result of this, The Royal Family, are role models to people from all over the world. How they behave and the way that they conduct their life is what people of honour are made off. Their behaviour is magnified as a result of there being so many examples in the media of people who act without a sense of morality or who are without higher values.

Two Options

Now, this can either cause one to see these people in two ways: as role models and an example of how life can be lived. Or one can end up seeing them as superior and out of this superiority comes the feeling of being inferior.

And if one feels inferior to something, then one can either worship or disdain that which is causing them to feel inferior.

The Royal Illusion

One of the things that the royal family have done extremely well in upholding, through the assistance of the media, is the royal illusion. As part of this illusion, they are treated and perceived differently and are almost seen as being above other human beings.

Questioning The Unquestioned

However, in order for an illusion to exist it has to be believed and if it’s believed, it will never be questioned. If one has been brought up by to see life a certain way by their caregivers and then grows up to see that the majority of society see life the same way; it will be unlikely that another way of seeing life will ever be considered.


Life is made up of many illusions and falsities. When children are younger they are often told fairytales. There are also numerous films that can be watched by children about princess and princesses.
These fairytales are not meant to be taken literally and contain a deeper meaning or message. They are symbolic in nature as opposed to being literal.

And in the modern day royal family we have a fairytale that has been manifested into a reality. It would appear that this manifestation doesn’t carry a deeper meaning or anything symbolic.

A closer Look

I mentioned above, that something only exists because it has a purpose. And in order to understand what psychological needs the royal family are fulfilling; I believe we have to look at the role of the ego mind, childhood development and the inner child.

Although the royal family are perceived differently and live a life that is materially and socially different from the majority of people on this planet, they are still human beings. And inherently they have no more value than anyone else and they will also live and die like everything else.

A Projection

What this means, is that the only reason they have such power and influence over people is due to what an individual has not realised within themselves. Here the parts that have not been realised will end up being projected externally. This is what the ego mind does and it does this as a result of seeing life through polarities.

To the ego mind, everything is split and separate; wholeness does not exist. And through projecting these parts outside they will show up in certain individuals or groups of people. If one is conscious of this process then they can embrace what is within, but if this doesn’t happen then these external figures will be seen as being superior or inferior.


This way of looking at the world and others is usually formed and influenced in ones childhood. Whether one had their developmental needs met during this time and to what degree they experienced trauma, will go a long way to defining what one will unconsciously seek or not seek in other people as an adult.

As an adult it will not matter that these childhood needs were neglected all those years ago and no longer have the same importance; because one will be pulled back to these moments. This will happen through the defence mechanism known as regression.

Here one will regress to their wounded inner child and have the same feelings and behaviour that they did all those years ago.

Inner Child

The power that this Wounded inner child has over present behaviour and feelings cannot be dismissed or minimized. One can become completely overwhelmed and lose all awareness through regressing to the wounded inner child. And this wounded inner child, just like a real child, has a strong need to be safe.

So How Does This Relate?

If an individual regresses to their inner child, as a result of certain childhood needs being neglected or trauma that needs to be processed, one will perceive these needs as coming from someone else. They will also see other people as mother and father figures. And this will mean that certain people will be seen as being superior and as having more power.

And if this wounded inner child didn’t have a functional or happy childhood, it will constantly be looking to make everything perfect and to receive what it didn’t have all those years ago.

With one regressing to this wounded inner child that has such a strong need to be safe; one will then feel more of a need for external support and familiarity. The ego mind is conditioned during these early years and sees what is safe based on what is familiar.

The Royal Family

So in many ways the royal family are there because they are being perceived as parental figures. There are seen as god like and worshiped, which is the way children typically see their parents.

Through the illusion of the royal family being perfect, they give some people that have regressed to their wounded inner child the perfect parents that they never had. Here people’s wounded inner child can identify with the image that is being portrayed.

And through the royal families familiarity and there constant exposure, they create a sense of being safe in people and this creates an inner stability through external familiarity.


Each of these elements is not necessarily dysfunctional if one is aware of what is taking place, but if one is not aware it can lead to an obsession and to seeing the royal family as more than they truly are. This will not assist in ones realisation as a human being and will cause one to be perpetually trapped in an illusion.

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My name is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a journey of self awareness for over nine years and for many years prior to that I had a natural curiosity.

For over two years, I have been writing articles. These cover psychology and communication. This has also lead to poetry.

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