Now that the hype over the Royal Wedding is winding down, we find that our horse drawn cinderella pumpkin carriages are more in demand than ever.
We find that many viewers of the royal wedding wished that instead of the open carriage used in the parade after the wedding that they had used the more romantic Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage with white horses.
We are so glad that we anticipated this phenomenon and added a third Cinderella Carriage to our array of carriages available. Most weekends see at least 1 Cinderella Carriage going out for a wedding, quinceanera, sweet sixteen, anniversary or any other special occasion. Next weekend we have all 3 carriages booked out in the New Jersey and Metro New York areas.
Our business has grown and has increased our self satisfaction due to foresight, planning and networking with other wedding and event vendors and venues.
Do you have a special event coming up in our area? Make sure to reserve your horse and carriage well in advance. We are already accepting bookings into 2012. We do still have some prime openings for this year.
When booking a carriage in other states please make sure that the company is a member of Carriage Operators of North America ( )and has been trained in professionalism, proper horse care and knowledge of safety techniques.

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Tania Lawson started out helping people learn to handle their horses on trail rides, became a teacher and now has branched out into the Horse Drawn Carriage industry. We have been serving the area for over 20 years with excellence of service. Owner Dream Horse Carriage