Is your zodiac sign Scorpio, Leo or Aries? If yes, the best quality Ruby stone is your birthstone! Since it is symbolic of tremendous passion and love, you will forge ahead in your personal and professional lives, ever ready to battle any challenge! You will need the stone, specifically if the ruling planet Sun’s position is weak in the third, fifth, sixth, ninth or eleventh house of your natal chart.

Which is the best Ruby in the world?
It is none other than the Burmese Ruby. It comes from the Mogok Valley Mines in Upper Myanmar. The high saturation and medium dark-red tones of the precious stone will stun your eyes! In fact, genuine lovers of navratnas do not mind paying the requested Burma Ruby stone price in India, and elsewhere! This is because not only are the hues of the stone surprisingly beautiful, but also its facets. Gemologists take great care to experiment with all manner of cuts, to award every stone a unique appearance. As a result, even the texture is wonderfully smooth. It helps that the Ruby is scratch-proof and damage-proof, thanks to its hardness. It stands at 9.0 on Moh’s Scale of Hardness.

How will you shop for a Ruby gemstone?
Now, when you intend to buy Manik stone online, ensure that you do not fall for the very first invitation in the virtual world. Request experienced people to help you, if you cannot take a decision about shopping all by yourself. Alternatively, you may just step into This is one of the few reputed and authentic dealers of gemstones online.

True, a Ruby gemstone is costly. In fact, you may feel dismayed to know that its price is directly in alignment with its carat. Since your astrologer will advise you to go for a specimen weighing anywhere between three and six carats, you may hesitate to spend so much money. However, a genuine dealer will help you buy loose gemstones at affordable prices.

How will you use the Ruby gemstone?
You can only purchase loose Ruby gemstones for sale, at the online shop. It is up to you to decide on what type of ring you would like to have one of the stones embedded. After all, the precious stone must be in continual contact with your skin, if you must receive maximum benefits. Towards this end, therefore, go for a gold/copper ring with an open back.

Look for a Sunday, which falls in shukla paksha (the first fortnight of any month). Anywhere between 6 AM and 7 AM on that day, soak your ring in a solution of honey, raw cow’s milk and distilled water. Chant “Om Surya Namah” about 108 times. After half-an-hour or so, remove the ring, wipe it gently dry and place it on the ring finger of the right hand.

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Mr.Pankaj Mhetar is well known personality in india.As a passion he does have good knowledge of astrology. He is on the Board Members - ICA - International Colored Gemstone Association. Since he his childhood he was interested in stones later at school time he started showing interest in gemstone collection later he started research on gemstone & today he is at topmost position in indian gemstone industry.