I know what you are thinking, and I would be thinking it too if I were new to taking bee pollen. Bee pollen is natural and it’s safe to take, but with anything new added to your diet it’s important to understand how much is enough upfront, and how much it can be increased by over time to give you the most benefit. This is true of any supplement or even medication, so your bee pollen dosage is no different.

What is Your Correct Bee Pollen Dosage

Everyone usually wants to know what the correct dosage is to take of bee pollen, but not everyone will be able to use the same amount. Taking bee pollen for digestion may not be the same as taking it for weight loss. Many experts on bee pollen say that using granules are better for digestion help, whereas taking bee pollen capsules is more effective for most other health conditions.

The form of bee pollen you are using along with the reason you are taking it will both factor into what your correct bee pollen dosage is. The various forms of bee pollen are in fact manufactured and processed differently before they make it to your shelf, and because of the way it’s processed they will all have a different level of potency. Starting small is usually a safe bet, and will enable you to progress into a higher dose at a later date.

Bee Pollen Dosage When it Comes to Granules

Bee pollen granules can be used in different ways, but as a dietary supplement it is best to put just a few granules under the tongue and let it dissolve. This is what doctors and nutritionists refer to as sublingual supplements, because it goes under the tongue and dissolves quickly making its way into the bloodstream faster.

You can also chew them, but that is the least likely method of using the granules. Using a few granules for about a week or two will give you time to know whether or not you are going to have a negative reaction to it. If a few weeks go by and you don’t, then it is okay to increase it. It is still best to increase something like this gradually, but by all means don’t feel like you need to cut those granules in half! They are tiny, but they are powerful.

Those who don’t like the idea of putting them under the tongue can add them to smoothies, sprinkle them on cereal or even in salads. These are the easiest methods of adding them to the diet, and you won’t be able to taste them.

In conclusion, bee pollen is a powerful supplement and you should talk to your doctor before using it to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with any medications that you are taking. Starting off small is always wise, and then you will be able to increase your dosage for healthy living.

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