If you decide to become vegetarian, it’s just a personal commitment and personal involvement. Nobody will give a book of rules, a set of principles or a set of registration procedures. It is entirely up to you what you mean by a “vegetarian.” There are no rules for vegetarians.

There are different levels of vegetarianism, but some vegetarians may be the debate, and even claim that his personal opinion is correct. The strictest form of vegetarianism, it is very likely to encounter is the macrobiotic diet, then there are the vegans who take no animal products such as fish, eggs and dairy products.

Then there is the most vegetarian fish, dairy and egg consumption, but there are people who do not take fish, drink milk, however, some who take eggs and cheese can not eat what they do. Even met a vegetarian who left a bacon sandwich and the turkey on Christmas day a month (my father) and was considered a vegetarian.

You could start from a mild form of vegetarianism in the first and then gradually stop eating fish and milk later if lessens the desire for animal protein. Or you can jump to the deepest part of being vegan and add fish again if you are too hard. You can do what your conscience allows.

Suppose that you are mild approach to vegetarianism for a year or two and then opt out of milk and eggs. You have now a lacto-vegetarian. It displays a sympathy for the animals in the dairy industry and egg. Many chickens live in miserable conditions of the battery. In general, cows fare slightly better but still living an artificial life.

Ovo-vegetarianism is the name of the diet you can still eat meat after abandoned eggs, fish and dairy products. Ovo-vegetarianism is useful if you have trouble getting enough protein in their diet because they can have an egg for breakfast, but eating vegetarian for the rest of the day.

Veganism is as strict as most people want to go. Vegans consume no animal products like honey. Most people think this goes too far and puts undue stress on the vegetarian to do. After all, a vegan is to know what is in everything he or she eats, every dish, bread, cakes, biscuits and iced even if someone has used honey as a sweetener or animal fat instead of margarine.

Most vegetarian advocates of slow and steady approach to a vegetarian, because it can be difficult at first and do not want for yourself, even before giving an opportunity to exploit. Note that the lifestyle changes are difficult, so easy on yourself and take slow transformation into a vegetarian.

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