He who deserts the Book of Allah, the Glorious, and the way of His Prophet, has distrusted; he who trusts on him­self when confronted with a problem has led a field and he who trusts on his judgments in vague matters is as one who has made himself his own leader. Justice should inform his Wish, and he should not rule out of a liking for a specific matter or an exact person. Nor should he rule out of a wish for wealth, position, or position, or for other reasons jumping from vain needs.

The judicature of the Unjust Acts is not constrained by a court session or the request of the perpetrator or the attendance of the plaintiff. It has the consultant to look into any case of injustice even if there is no pursuer.

Everyone, both defendant, and plaintiff has the right to employ a proxy, whether male or female, Muslim or not, to performance on his or her behalf. There is no difference in this matter among the mandatory and the proxy. The proxy has the right to be chosen on a salary rendering to the terms agreed upon amid the obligatory and his or her proxy

Judgment has a specific basis on which the judge relies when giving his judgments. If it is robust, then the ruling is precise and in custody with the facts, not then. Like the judge, the observer must be well-informed and just. The difference amongst the two is that the judge must have an awareness of the Heavenly law, while the observer must have information of the matter that has been viewed. He must obey with two points. Initially, he must have been current at the event in order to have perceived it himself; furthermore, he must be current in the court to report it .without change or fictitious. He must not avoid, secret, or alter testament, because Allah said

The one who hides it, his heart is sinful, and God has information of the things you do.Allah, the Glorious, says supporters, be you securers of justice, observers for God, even though it be in contradiction of yourselves, or your parents and kinsmen, whether the man is ironic or deprived; God attitudes closer to you than either of the two. Then follow not wish, so as to diverge; for if your rotation or turn, God is conscious of the things you do.

The assumption of this noble verse is that no individual, shared or financial factor should delay with the testament, not even the love of oneself or of parents or kinsmen. Likewise, financial factors, such as wealth or poverty, should not affect the mode of giving observer or nonparticipation from it. That is because of Allah, the Exalted, is aware of the actions of His domestics and witness to them, whatsoever they may be. Whoever knows that defends himself against lapses and disgrace.

The settlement is only for the payment of disagreements, and has no consequence in changing evidence, soon they may be. When someone makes a false claim and ropes it with an untrue observer, or repudiates a truth and takes an untrue oath, and that is hidden from the judge, the latter will rule rendering to the false indication or oath and conflicting to the facts. It is obligatory on everybody who has knowledge of it to be his protector against it, for it is a piece of fire. The details of it are also in legal Book Quran.

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